PS3 Bundle Causes to Crash!

Well, the PS3 bundle available this morning at has caused the site to essentially crash. Many people were able to add a PS3 bundle to their carts, but just simply could not check out.

As of 1:00 EST, a full two hours after the PS3 bundle was available, the site was still down.

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Marty83704445d ago

So much for people saying PS3 won't sell cause it's expensive.

scriptkiddie4444d ago

No one is buying it to play, they are all buying to resell it on eBay. so of course the cost doesn't matter. Who cares if the console cost $600.00 if you can resell it for $2,000. 6 months from now see how well they sell... how many mom's and dads will buy a $600.00 console for their kids.. i know of none.

Tut4444d ago

Come to my area haha! There were a ridiculous amount of parents asking if there was going to be another shipment in before Christmas (so they could get one for their kids).

At my Best Buy there were more people over the age of 35 camping than younger people.

You seriously underestimate the power of bratty kids and parents who want to buy their children's love.

Steve5194444d ago

I was going to do a story about this but I decided not to, turns out it was already done.

After getting shut down at other stores I figured this would work for me, but about 2 mins after it was posted the whole site just quit working pretty much

splintercellman4444d ago

Crazy thing is, I got one from 20 minutes ago. It took me almost 4 hours to checkout ( yes 4 freaking hours). It was a total of $858 ( had to buy a membership), but it still beats waiting outside for a unit. Now time to put it on ebay :-D

DJ4444d ago

Yeah, just like how Sony didn't REALLY sell 100 million PS2s. Everyone just replaced their systems 3 times, right? =P

Islandkiwi4444d ago

Dj, please look at software sales. I'm not arguing that Sony sold that many consoles, just that there's not that many Sony owners.

A lot of people bought it to sell it. Look at Ebay, right now 35,000 are on the auction block, and I don't know how many have sold already. In my line of 8 people at Gamestop, half were planning to sell.

Islandkiwi4444d ago

I was one of the many who had a console in their cart, and couldn't get to checkout. Four hours of back and forth, praying it would go through. No such luck. Oh well, better than standing out in the cold for three days.