The Top 10 Best Premium iOS Games of June

"Lick the last bits of grease from your fingers and top up your beverage: it’s time to get your game on. We’ve already taken you through the top 10 free games of June, and now it is time to look at the next tier, the premium titles. These gems will set you back a few dollars, sure, but we’ve weeded out the best of the best so you can download in confidence." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1615d ago

I'm not sure why everyone is so in love with VVVVVVV - I, do like the look of MAMBC though. That is intriguing.

shipnabottle1615d ago

Played through Oscura was pretty awesome. Wouldn't mind giving Broken Age a go.

CoyoteHunter1615d ago

I actually heard that Godfire was just so-so. Anyone actually played it, and would recommend it? I've also heard Lex is absolutely fantastic!

SlappingOysters1613d ago

I heard the same thing; it doesn't strike me as an easy game to get right on touchscreens

unsaved_progress1614d ago

Dude vvvvvv is awesome! Simple, unique gameplay combined with steep difficulty=awesome

SlappingOysters1613d ago

Fair enough, will give it a go!