Ninja Theory Tease The Reveal of Their Newest Project - Heavenly Sword 2?

AMHNetwork has spotted a sneaky tweet from Heavenly Sword & DmC developer Ninja Theory and theorise that a it could mean a Heavenly Sword sequel is on the way

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stonecold33132d ago

I would love to see heavenly sword 2 on ps4 but wouldn't be multiplat like in the tag here sony own the ip and would be awesome if sant monica worked on heavenly sword 2 . I was impressed what they did with god of war 3 .

blitz06233132d ago

Yeah would be nice to see Heavenly Sword 2, sadly I expect DmC2.

bouzebbal3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

i think HS2 could end up being good if they correct some problems from number 1 that had potential but kind of bored me some times.
I unfortunately don't think HS2 will be their next game because i remember Ninja Theory relations with Sony haven't been that well after HS release so if HS2 sees the light of the day it will be with another studio on the lead.

I wish they make a next gen DmC i enjoyed the reboot!

RedDeadLB3132d ago

I expect DmC2 as well, although I'm not sad about it. It was a very good game in my humble opinion and I can't wait for the next one.

mgszelda13132d ago

@Buljo Sadly DmC did not do well so there won't be a sequel despite it actually having fluid combat and fun gameplay

RedDeadLB3132d ago


Seriously? :O

I really didn't know that it was a sales failure.
Of all the Capcom games DMC was probably the best.

cemelc3132d ago

DMC did well, sold like 4 million copies, the problem was that the sales target must have been like 6 millions...thats crazy.

InTheLab3132d ago


Where did you get those numbers? DMC sold less than 1.2m copies across 3 platforms. DMC 4 sold 4m+.

Ninja Theory has never sold over 2m and heavenly Sword is their highest selling game at 1.5m only on PS3.

InTheLab3132d ago

The one thing I'd give credit to NT is that they know how to create cool worlds and great character (excluding Dante and Virgil of course). Loved Trip and Monkey, as well as all the HS characters.... Especially the bosses of Heavenly Sword like flying fox and King Bohan.

It's a shame they stink at combat. I wish they would outsource combat to Platinum. It's like they are opposite studios. Hate everything about platinum's game aside from the combat.

cemelc3132d ago


My bad i got them confused, the one that sold more than 4 million is Devil may cry 4 and since the sales where 'lackbuster' acording to capcom, they greenlighted DMC.

FamilyGuy3132d ago

"@ahmedashori I can't say exactly when, but you'll see something in the next few months."

How does this reply make the author immediately jump to a Heavenly Sword possibility? There's no hint whatsoever that they are even considering a sequel/prequel.

I'm sure whatever they make will be action-packed and fun but I wish these misleading titles would just stop.

pixelsword3132d ago

H sword 2 is coming; the first hint was when the devs did a promo for the PS4 for it's intro in e3 a couple of years ago.

XisThatKid3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Flip every single hate! Give me DmC 2 I don't have any man crushes. I wanna see what happens more in this story Give it a good year our two time skip so many possibilities.
Heavenly Sword 2 indeed does deserve a proper sequel though. Both would be amazing.

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Volkama3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I would buy Heavenly Sword 2 from Ninja Theory in a heartbeat, but nothing in their tweet hints at Heavenly Sword.

shadowsmoke363132d ago

really heavenly sword didn't do as well as it should have solely because it got put in as a new ip when the ps3 was still selling at 600.00. I bout it day one and still own it as I loved it for what it was. Most people around this time was either doing the 360 gig so never really saw the game for what it was and to me it was flawless. People tend to expect more then what is reasonable. Another thing is the lead character was not a man and many people guys mostly scrutinized it because of that. Their could always be improvements but as you say this would be a day one purchase for me for sure.

Magicite3132d ago

I like hack n slash games and HS was quite a great one in its time, a sequel would be welcome.

Sheikh Yerbouti3132d ago

Heavenly Sword was gorgeous and Nariko was breathtaking graphically and in gameplay. But the writing was the best out of everything I played last gen.

ZombieKiller3132d ago

Please no DMC sequel
Please no DMC sequel
Please no DMC sequel
Please no DMC sequel
Please no DMC sequel
Please no DMC sequel
Please no DMC sequel

Compared to the other games, DMC was bad. I didn't like it. I think it needs to be japanese developed.
These guys should create a new IP

ZombieKiller3132d ago

Meh, I know what you mean Thanatos but I call the original Devil May Cry by it's title so DMC=DmC to me.

RyuX193132d ago

NT can do whatever they want... just not another Devil May Cry.

showtimefolks3132d ago

it is heavenly sword 2, reveal at gamescom

Inzo3131d ago

FFS I hope so, its a disgrace that there hasnt been a HS2.

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LightDiego3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

This game would be exclusive for Sony platforms, and i never played the first game, sadly.
I really liked Enslaved, the game is so underrated.

refocusedman3132d ago

You need to play heavenly sword its such a great game.

harrisk9543132d ago

You can pick up Heavenly Sword for about $5.00 at Gamestop in their bargain bins. It is a fantastic game.

nix3132d ago

One of the best games that came out early on PS3. Graphically it was amazing. It was my first PS3 game along with Uncharted 1.

It's little short but since it's cheaper you won't complain about the game length.

ravinash3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I think their reading a lot into this.
Other than that film Heavenly sword, I don't see anything to indicate a sequel coming out soon.

It would be great, because I love the character.
I hope the film doesn't kill it for me.

thejigisup3132d ago

Yeah, that title is very misleading once you read the tweet. Nariko it's one of my favorite female protagonists in gaming. With the upcoming film I would like to see a sequel and not a reboot. NT did some good stuff with dmc however I still much prefer Heavenly Sword.

1nsomniac3132d ago


For the love of god, make it so!

The 10th Rider3132d ago

For all those people that will comment without actually reading the article: The tweet in no way hints at a new Heavenly Sword, just that they're making a new game which will be announced soon. It could just as well be anything.

MightyNoX3132d ago

Long as it's not DmC2, they can make whatever they want.

ironfist923132d ago

Why? You afraid they'll do a good job again?

1nsomniac3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

The reason people are so excited for a Heavenly Sword 2 is that Ninja Theory & Sony have been randomly dropping sporadic hints regarding a Heavenly Sword sequel for the past 6 months.