The Shaolin Temple monks want to make a kung-fu mobile game

When it comes to kung-fu, there’s nowhere in the world as famous as Shaolin. The mountaintop temple in Henan has been the heart of Chinese kung-fu for centuries, and monks continue to practice and study there to this day.

Even so, it must have surprised people when Shaolin leader Shi Yanlu and a bunch of his disciples showed up at a recent conference on rural technology and e-commerce hosted by Alibaba. And it turned out they weren’t there to put on a show (or to beat someone up), they were there to learn about mobile games.

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jujubee883133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I doubt it's a cool news as it seems.

There's a scam in China where a fake organization dresses themselves up to be Shaolin Monks (and do things like teach "shaolin kung-fu" to kids and foreigners), while the real Shaolin Monk bloodlines and art obviously can't help but see their stuff be exploited (because the Chinese gov't allows it all to happen).

This could be an extension of that kinda putrid, exploiting of an art in the name of money making (at the hands of people who are not really related to the culture/traditions).