Laurent Fischer: Only Geeks Want Hard Drives

Nintendo's Laurent Fischer recently commented on the Wii system memory situation once again.

The latest issue of UK gaming magazine Edge (issue 190) reveals a cheeky comment from Nintendo of Europe's managing director of marketing. When quizzed about the lack of a Wii hard-drive and limited memory onboard, he replied that only "geeks and otaku" would be people who would need one.

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morganfell4556d ago

i seriously think that with wii sales beginning to drop in some areas we will eventually see people want a more advanced machine. and the wii hardly qualifies. someone should tell him that if a game is crap and the only thing that makes it even remotely interesting is the control scheme, then the game is still crap.

Tomdc4556d ago

even if his statement was true (which it ain't) wat kind of dumbass would insult his customers when a proportion of them would like a new feature? hes a complete retard lol

Statix4556d ago (Edited 4556d ago )

Isn't it just absolutely fabulous for (hardcore) gamers that we have such massively mainstream, successful, arrogant companies such as Nintendo threatening to detract from the focus on technological advancement in the videogame industry? With Wii so successful, we may very well see Sony and Microsoft rein in the specs of their next systems in effort to drop launch prices and cater to the stupid low-cost, casual, non-gamer audience.

This is how Wii is affecting the videogame industry.

jessupj4555d ago

I completely agree mate, it's very very scarey. But I still think the hardcore market is were the majority of the money is at so hopefully this won't happen for a while. Of course I'd like it to never happen.

BattleAxe4555d ago

Well I must be a geek then.

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lodossrage4556d ago (Edited 4556d ago )

Which really stinks

How do they expect people to constantly pay for VC games, then Wiiware games, and not to mention save game data without some sort of hard drive add-on?

I guess they figured since they're first in sales, they don't have to exactly cater to their customer's NEED (not want, NEED. since the hard drive is NEEDED)

But hey, being in first place makes one arrogant sometimes doesn't it?

I guarantee you if they were in second or third place, they'd be real quick to make that hard drive.

Maverick_4556d ago

Lmao. Furthermore proof of how much of a toy the Wii is.

e-ray4556d ago

Agreed. Now this is just my opinion, but I despise the Wii. Not even because it's been successful, I just dislike the system and most all of its games.

ISA_Scum4556d ago

Someone should ask this guy if only geeks want good game libraries cause the Wii sure in hell doesn't provide that either.

dribnif4556d ago

...there's a possible storage solution looming which doesn't involve a hard drive.

San anto4556d ago

Lol dont try and spin it. Words from the noob himself, "only "geeks and otaku" would be people who would need one."