'Heavenly Sword' Film Adaption Dated for Blu-ray/DVD

We've known about the existence of the Heavenly Sword movie for quite sometime now and the release of this direct-to-video film is just a couple of months away.

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ValKilmer1658d ago

And only seven years too late!

galest1658d ago

7 years to be on the PS4.... ➡️Wishful thinking⬅️

ValKilmer1658d ago

I wish they'd remake it on the PS4. This is a criminally underrated game.

Like every Ninja Theory game...

AngelicIceDiamond1658d ago

Who cares it finally made it and I'm stoked.

FamilyGuy1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

The cut scenes and cgi in the ps3 game look 100x better than the cgi in this movie. It's somewhat low budget and kind of annoying that they even bothered.

leemo191658d ago

Wish Sony got Ninja Theory to make a 2nd one, this game was great and showed a glimpse of what the ps3 could do when it came out.
I'll take a movie, its better than nothing at all.

galest1658d ago

It doesn't have to be ninja theory specifically since Sony own this title. In fact, any of Sony exclusive Studio can make the sequel like Santa Monica

AngelicIceDiamond1658d ago

Santa Monica would be the PERFECT candidate to develop a sequel.

ramiuk11658d ago

really enjoyed this game and it looked so nice too for a early ps3 game

johny51658d ago

They can always remaster it for the PS4 to see if people are interested in a sequel?

WeAreLegion1658d ago

Yeah, but then Kratos would have to bang Nariko for continuity's sake. How would Heavenly Sword fans feel about that?

talocaca1658d ago

If only they could make a sequel....

I would love it on Vita :( I know it will never happen though.

Maybe PS3 ala Ratchet and Clank? Release with the new movie?

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