Alien Isolation Release Date, Pre-orders Kick Off with Bonus


"Pre-orders for the upcoming release of Alien: Isolation on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC have kicked off at Amazon."

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CorndogBurglar3133d ago

Pre-Order Bonus: Pulse Rifle, Smart Gun, Flamethrower, Sonice Electronic Ball Busters, and Sharp Sticks.

Lon3wolf3132d ago

And if it gets real bad, harsh language.

Activemessiah3133d ago

It only seems like yesterday when people were pre-ordering Colonial Marines... I'll look out for this in the bargain bins.

ThichQuangDuck3132d ago

Disappointed in pre order exclusive DLC well being good. Ha which makes me mixed since eventually others will pay for the movie tie in DLC. I am interested to see how the pacing of the game changes and the longevity,but tension overall looks solid

Lon3wolf3132d ago

The DLC will be available after launch too, so if you want to see if this is not another CM and wait you can still pick up the DLC at some point.

ThichQuangDuck3132d ago

I guess at the end of the day it is separate additional content,but the idea of exclusive for pre order limited time content before the game launches always irks me. Although the true testament of whether it is DLC is whether the base game provides a worthwhile experience.