Rebuttal: Why Remastered Re-Releases Are Great

gamrReview's Jake Weston: "A few days ago, my colleague Stephen wrote an article stating why he believed that remastered re-releases - games from the previous generation of PS3 and Xbox 360 being remastered for the new generation of PS4 and Xbox One - are getting out of hand... However, I disagree entirely. I don’t often feel compelled to write counterarguments to our articles, but I am going to explain why I feel new-gen remastered re-releases are, in fact, great."

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Yi-Long3133d ago

You get BETTER versions of great games (otherwise they wouldn't bother re-releasing them), often including all content, and often at a (slightly) reduced price.

Jaqen_Hghar3133d ago

a man is hoping for ME trilogy, Skyrim, and Uncharted to be remade for $40-$50 each as well!

ginsunuva3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

The rose-tint is real in here.

Skyrim remade? True gamers dead confirmed.

Ezz20133133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

i really wonder why there is no articles about GTAV too which sold like 100000000000000000000000000 billion on consoles and come out after TLOU last year ?!

i'm so sick of seeing so many articles either praise or bash that TLOU is getting remastered on ps4

let it go already
people who didn't play ..will buy it on ps4 or ps3
people who already played it but want to buy it's their money
i would too but sadly no ps4 yet

no one is holding a gun to any one head and telling them to buy it or else....

admiralvic3133d ago

"i really wonder why there is no articles about GTAV too which sold like 100000000000000000000000000 billion on consoles and come out after TLOU last year ?! "

Remember that TLOU is coming out in a few weeks and we're getting a lot more news / know more about that remaster than GTA V. Plus a lot of articles are written to do well on N4G, so they choose the Sony route for views.

Anyway, I agree, but sadly this is a problem with GJ and really summer in general. Sites news views, most people just join in on the issue of the week (this week[s] is remasters) and they use that to make up for the lack of news / reviews / things going on.

Ezz20133133d ago

"Remember that TLOU is coming out in a few weeks and we're getting a lot more news / know more about that remaster than GTA V. Plus a lot of articles are written to do well on N4G, so they choose the Sony route for views."

so much truth in this
i have read sooo many articles starting with "i always log into N4G .etc"
i only blame N4G Mods for this
too many "blogs" AKA articles on N4G and they never do any thing about it

and it will only get worse after the game is out
unknowen sites need hits by praise or hate on the remaster because there is not alot of games this summer

ifistbrowni3133d ago

"i'm so sick of seeing so many articles praise or bash TLOU being remastered"

100% agree. These articles are just regurgitated BS that nobody should care about. If you want the Remastered, awesome (i do), if not, awesome.... Just quit making stupid articles about it.

Gazondaily3132d ago

Apart from visuals, what is the improvement in TLOU? At least with GTA 5 you're getting things like more dense traffic etc. Genuine question btw (I've already ordered the TLOU Remaster for the DLC plus I got a good trade in deal for another game).

GTA 5 always felt like it needed to be on next-gen consoles. I think the next-gen version will have a lot more gameplay ramifications with things like extra detail and extra density in the population, particularly in multiplayer. Plus the PC game (which isn't a remaster I know) is going to have that advanced movie maker as well.

I just think GTA 5 has a shed ton more content making it a lot more worthy of a remaster than a linear story driven game. I don't think the MP in TLOU has anywhere near the longevity of GTA 5.

I'm not hating on the remaster though. No one is forcing anyone to buy it. As long as it doesn't detract the developers attention from delivering newer IP's, its fine. Now lets hope the Remaster is a decent one.

ifistbrowni3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

We can all hope for an exclusive single-player story. Something like Left Behind, but a a new story (potential look into the future or more back-story). It's entirely possible that Naughty Dog has kept something like this under wraps (since we haven't had many "leaks" of TLOU:R).

This really is just wishful thinking. I know I'd be happy if they added some DLC to the Remastered (new map packs and single player), but I know that it would be trolled all over the internet.

Honestly, without the wishing and hoping, you're absolutely right. Just a minor update to the graphics, add 1080p/60FPS and that's it. Even if that's only minor to some, I cannot wait for this Remastered. TLOU is, by far, the best game I've ever played (single-player and multi-player collectively).

Ezz20133132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )


Well, we have yet to see any real pics of in-game gfx
just pre rendered pics which are not the main foucs in this remaster

and this game is not targeting you or me
it's for the ppl who jumped from xbox360/Wii/pc to ps4

also since i own and played both TLOU and GTAV
TLOU is GOTG for me which i will never forget any time soon and for most who played both both gamers and developers agreed on that with the awards...including you (i think?)

being open world is not what makes a game better
there is tons of BAD open world games out there

and ppl said nothing but praise about TLOU MP while every one is saying GTAV MP is broken
for me , i could care less about GTAV remaster TBH ...didn't enjoy it on ps3
but i'm not going to go to every GTAV remaster article telling people (Reasons) os of why i'm not getting it

and yeah, since i do know you ...i know you are not hating on the remaster
but not every one will think the same

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uth113132d ago

Yeah, when GTA V was announced, I asked the same thing- where did all the remaster haters go?

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nicksetzer13133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Honestly, single game remakes are pretty lousy, especially at 60$. However, I will be buying TLOU: remastered, and am looking forward to it. I sold my PS3 before TLOU came out, so I am glad to be playing what seems to be such an amazing game for the first time with better graphics, all DLC and better controller.

All that said any SINGLE game remake/remaster does come off as a cash in (especially at 50$ or 60$) definitely in recent cases as most just came out recently. Tomb raider is a better example though (and if the rumors are true, beyond: two souls) of how these remakes are not a good thing.

God of war collection, MGs collection and Halo MCC are great because they culminate multiple games from multiple console generations onto one disc and interface.

Of course, that is just my opinion, obviously others will feel differently. Honestly, as long as people are buying it, they will keep making them, and why shouldn't they?

JBSleek3133d ago

People simply care too much how other people spend their own money.

bigbic3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Value is in the eye of the purchaser. People call it a cash grab, or it's not worth it. Who is anyone to tell anyone else what is worth a purchase or what they should think a good value is? If people love TLoU or Tomb Raider for that matter, and want to buy it re-mastered, then that is their business. If there was no demand for it they wouldn't remake it, simple as that.

Games are made, remade, because people want them and enjoy them. They aren't forced to want them, they aren't forced to see value in them at any price.

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