Pre-Order Incentives – Where Do We Draw The Line?

Pixel Gate writes:

''The concept of pre-order content for video games has become a hot topic in recent weeks. From access to betas to ‘exclusive’ missions, the whole idea is starting to expand beyond a few nifty extras. What started out as physical freebies promised by retailers has grown in content from games being cut purely to be given away as a pre-order ‘bonus’. What started as s harmless practice has grown into worrying trend, but the consumer is partly to blame.''

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Team_Litt1614d ago

Extra content locked away on the disc!!
I hated not being able to drive the RUF RT 12R in Forza Horizon because it was Limited Edition DLC but NPC's were driving around in it. Heck they even had an outpost stunt involving it!

GamerEuphoria1613d ago

It's becoming the done thing, which is a huge shame

Vantage1613d ago

I'm not paying a dime towards a game that hasn't released. I don't care what the bonus is. Paying for a game that has yet to prove itself is nonsense.

Army_of_Darkness1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

My backlog on my ps3 is to long to even think about a pre-order anyways.

AlexFili1613d ago

Most preorder incentives sound good in adverts but when you actually get them they're usually a let down. Sometimes it's a weapon which you get maybe a few hours earlier than another equally as good one. None of the ones I got were particularly memorable for me.