Yoshida: It's not about individual Vita games any more

The full quote Yoshida gave Eurogamer is "There are lots of new Vita games, you can go and find little gems and there are lots of exciting games, but it's not about individual Vita games any more. It's more about how Vita can have multiple uses - with PS4 remote play, PS3 games with PS Now, and the dedicated games. The whole ecosystem with PS4 at the center, the Vita's a part of that."

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mikel10151714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

The Vita needs to have its own identity. Years from now when the PS4 and Vita stop being produced, the Vita would be known as nothing more than an expensive accessory for the PS4 if it keeps on going the route Sony wants it to. People still go back to Gameboy and GBA for the games available exclusive to that platform (excluding ROMs). Exclusive games bring people to platforms, why bother buying a Vita when it just streams games you could get anywhere else and at 60fps with no stream lag? I wish Sony understood this. That's why the 3DS is successful. Keep making individual Exclusive games.

Nitrowolf21714d ago

It's a shame to, because the Vita is such a great piece of hardware, it just feels like Sony is putting to much focus into making it a peripheral for the PS4, rather than it's own personal handheld. We need games, like Syphon Filter, God of War, New Jak, ect ect.

It's really something SOny can pull off, with all these PS2 games we've been asking to comback, they could easily make them for the Vita

NewMonday1714d ago

the Vita is getting more games than ever, more functions doesn't mean less games, great hardware has multi-functionality, smartphones are not just for making calls.

colonel1791714d ago

I am very ok with having the Vita used only for PS4 remote play. That's why i bought it in the first place. Any games that comes to the Vita that I like are just a bonus.

But that' just me.

3-4-51714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

* It's other uses ? REALLY?

I bought my Vita to play these individual games, not go on the internet or whatever.

* Saying stuff like that probably isn't going to make dev's want to make more games for Vita.

* It's such a good handheld too, but it will never get the support that the 3DS is getting.

I have both so o well, but I wish Vita had more games and more variety too.

* How can the same company get the PS4 so right, and listen to the gamers,devs, & yet screw up the Vita so bad, and be completely out of touch with what people want.

zeuanimals1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

The majority of the 3DS's library lacks voice acting, which costs a lot, they don't push graphics very much, meaning the devs don't have to work as hard optimizing their engines, or they don't need huge dev teams to work on the games. This all means they can push out a lot of these games without spending a lot and a lot of these games also sell millions each time. Pokemon? They're practically made with indie dev budgets and they always sell millions.

When the Vita gets lower budget games without really good graphics, people complain because they want to see what the handheld can do, but that costs a lot of money. People hate indie games on the Vita for this exact reason, but when it gets big games, not enough people support them to make them profitable. So it's a lose lose situation for the Vita. Get big games that push what handheld games tend to be and don't sell enough to make it profitable or get smaller games that don't push the hardware but can sell enough to be profitable but get a ton of internet hate in the process.

The 3DS doesn't get this expectation of games that push the hardware, now there's certainly games that do, don't get me wrong, but when games don't, nobody cares. I think there's certainly a double standard with the Vita.

Sony could've gotten themselves out of that mess if they lowered the price of the handheld and memory cards back when it was more desirable, meaning they'd have more people buying their expensive Vita games, but now it's too late.

Edit: Also, it's getting extremely tough for these companies to support more than one console. The Wii lost support early so they could have more devs work on the 3DS and while everyone worked on the 3DS and gave it an amazing 2013, the Wii U suffered. Now, the Wii U is getting games but the 3DS peaked last year and this year completely pales in comparison. The same applies to Sony and MS, except a bit different for both.

tiffac0081713d ago

Sony never really had a clear plan with the Vita. They were too western centric at the start when Japan was the biggest market for handheld gaming.

There was a time that the Vita lacked the middleware games or in-between games for quite a good while before it became indie centric.

After it became indie centric they started losing triple AAA titles and then it became niche Japanese centric that we see today.

I think the combination of what happened to the PS3 and what's currently happening to the Vita helped Sony create their strategy and on-going plans for the PS4.

ninjahunter1714d ago

I can easily identify my vita as japan.

PSNintyGamer1714d ago

It's a HandHeld Sony, not an accessory.

Tiqila1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I thought one of the good things about playstation tv is that it can give vita game sales a little boost too...

Very disappointing to hearing that. If they stop to support the vita with new and unique titles I don't know what reason there is to own a vita in the future.

Surely not to have a Wii U gamepad for the PS4. For this purpose alone it simply costs too much (for me that is of course, it might be you have more money than I...)

DualWielding1714d ago

It hurts to see how out of touch Sony is with what Vita owners want

MrSwankSinatra1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Sony is out of touch in general. Sony are focused on too many things at one time. PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Project Morpheus, PS Now, etc. When sony is focused on one thing they work wonders and the PS1 & PS2 are examples of that, but when their focus is split you get blunders like PS Move, PSP Go and what looks to be future blunder PS Now if sony continues with the same business model. The only thing sony should be worried about is providing games for PS4 & PS vita. All this extra crap is unnecessary.

typittt691714d ago

I got my Vita at launch under the promise of Ps3 quality gaming on the go. Now 2 years later, although i like using it for remote play when the old lady is watching tv, I can't help but feel a bit let down. There is some really good games but the quality console style games are really just a handful. Especially the Sony first party stuff. I want a sequel to Golden Abyss. I want an exclusive vita God of war etc...

zeuanimals1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

They can't really make a ton of those games since they never sell too well and they cost a lot to make. It's just not a sane business strategy. Of course, neither was pricing the handheld and memory cards as high as they were and still are (atleast for the memory cards).

If Sony fixed the memory card pricing earlier, a lot of people would've bought the thing and it'd have a decent installbase. That means they'd have much more people who'd be buying their games and they could've made more of those games because of this, but they shot themselves in the foot.

ColeMacGrath1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

You're not wrong, but the Vita needs system-seller quality AAA exclusive games, it does seem that Sony wouldn't want to risk their precious money on first-party exclusives for the Vita anymore due to their high focus on PS4 currently, but for how long will this continue?

Remy_S1714d ago

Strange how they can get the PS4 so right and the Vita so wrong.

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