Ninja_Moomin5886d ago

Not my choice of music.... but nice to see something that clearly isn't fake.

Oh... and I don't condone hacking!

Jamie Foxx5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

what did that guy actually show us?has he ever played on a ps3 before?why didnt he show the ingame msgin or custom soundtrack when he was killing the crap out of ridge racer?music was terrible that was the worst demonstration video ive ever seen period. terrible

shazam5886d ago

how is it running homebrew?

STEVIE_5886d ago

It showed us that he is a hacker and therefore a dirty thief, it showed us that he is terribly crap at driving games, and it showed us that he has an excruciatingly bad music collection.

These types of people do not deserve to own a PS3...

Ri0tSquad5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

More videos are coming soon.

wipeout20005886d ago

But it really looks like the guy skinned the psp with his own custom icons and then edited the video to add in the ps3 game. I could be wrong though...

yesah5886d ago

its coming soon.....YES!

gamesR4fun5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

Courtesy of PS3News: Please note, we don't condone or advise hacking your PS3 to launch games from SD card.

-they make it sound like its the ps3 is hacked... lol

donator5886d ago

It was just a demo of Ridge Racer that they got to run off the SD card. Even if the PS3 was hackable, all devs need to do is put dummy files on all blu ray discs to make them 50 gigs or more.

Silogon5885d ago

Music didn't fit the demonstration, sure but to say it was terrible? Please, you all probably didn't like it cause it wasn't produced on a 30 dollar beat machine with some idiot mumbling something under his breath while he talks about how much money he's got, how deep his rims are, how fly his ****es are all while wearing a pink shirt and bulbous sun glasses that look like they came from Farrah faucets closet.

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Ninja_Moomin5886d ago


I'm so excited.

It has to be soon!!!

Eidolon5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

what the hell is this guy doing..
it's like.. almost painful to watch him mess with it

Ninja_Moomin5886d ago


I dunno.... but i'm glad he did it!

Eidolon5886d ago

well, i'm still waiting for confirmation. i won't believe it until then.

Ninja_Moomin5886d ago

That's cool...

But there's been too many leaks and too many comments that it's due soon not to believe it...