PR Change For Warframe Adds More Evidence To Support “Pay-To-Win” Acquisition

Perfect World Entertainment are one of the most successful free-to-play publishers in the market today but that success has come with a price as many of the MMO community have branded their titles with the infamous pay-to-win banner, rewarding players with excessive advantages in-game for premium purchases.

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Codewow3065d ago

It's unfortunate that people play Pay to Win games...It only encourages developers to throw in overpowered items.. But I guess the majority of players feelings aren't as important as the paying players enjoyment of a completely unbalanced game.

XtraTrstrL3065d ago

It's not always the players fault. Sometimes it starts out as a great game, with decent store items. Then they slowly morph into p2w stat items and abilities. Some people will stop playing once they notice, others that are deeply invested sometimes might be a little hard to ween off the game.

DanteVFenris6663065d ago

I don't mind pYing for the classes. What's outrageous about this game is it only has 1 free class which sucks ass. Every other class is like 20 bucks and there is 10 of them. All of the weapons are 5 each. Too over priced

UnwanteDreamz3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Dude you can get all the classes by just building them from blueprints. I have five and didnt pay real money for any. Same with weapons. Everything but weapon slots and character slots can be earned ingame with no money. You will have to join a clan for access to some warframe and weapon blueprints though.

himdeel3065d ago

I sell high value cards for plat so I don't have to spend money. Loki prime helmet is good plat right now. Its the new shiny.

UnwanteDreamz3065d ago

Yep many sell rare mods and prints for plat and never spend a dime.

SpinalRemains1383065d ago

If Digital Extremes are still in control on the developmental end, then perhaps all these worries are for nothing.

Lets hope.

rdgneoz33065d ago

I hope so, the game is fun as it currently is. However, publishers can influence a game if they choose to. Hell, EA had BF4 released while it was still broken.

1nsomniac3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I dont understand Pay-to-Win at all. Surely if a game is play-to-win then people just wont play it, simple as that!

F2P games just aren't good enough to cause people to just ignore that fact!

Pro_TactX3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Clearly my definition of "evidence" differs from that of the author's. A PR company that, by the author's own admission, does not have big ties to PWE is evidence of PWE? Even if the acquisition goes through, that quoted statement suggests that Warframe will remain largely the same as it is now, and presently every non-cosmetic item in the game can be acquired via normal play.