Where Did Batman: Arkham Origins Go Wrong?

With Arkham Knight on the way, will it improve upon Arkham Origins?

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Palitera3132d ago

After Watch Dogs, Batman Arkham City is the next on my list. Then I plan to buy Arkham Origins.

Do you like the game?

Deividas3132d ago

Its an okay game. But it will be a HUGE letdown if you play it right after Arkham City...

Ezz20133132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

i don't agree
it have better story and longer, acting is great, the atmosphere and the armor and boss fights and the side quest is far better than B:AC
also Bane was really the true Bane i wanted all along in Batman game
no the stupid version of Batman and Robin Crappy movie where Batman have Credit Card

the real problem that this game have is that it didn't look that much different than AC and lots of Glitchs .

i know that i'm the only on the internet who think that though
anyway Arkham Kight look and feel far better than both in pretty much every possible way


the gameplay is pretty much the same with few minor tweaks here and there

Yeah, i know ...i shall forever stand in the dark cornor alone with my opinion :(

But Arkham knight amazed me to no end
can't wait to get my hand on this very epic game

Palitera3132d ago

Is it more of the same or actually worse?

Also, gameplay-wise, how does it fare against the two precedent masterpieces?

camel_toad3132d ago

Yeh I thought just okay at best too. It sucked compared to what Rocksteady did but that's what happens sometimes when you hand off a franchise.

Deividas3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

@ Palitera

Its more of the same. And thats the issue, Arkham City improved on almost every part from Akrham Asylum while origins, just does exactly what the others have done. It doesnt try much of anything new really and there are no really "memorable parts" of that game. You will still enjoy it but its just not on the same level as Rocksteady level design, characters, or story telling.

Yea you might be one of the few that enjoyed it over AC but if you like it then fair enough :) its all a matter of opinion anyways, but yea I do agree Arkham Knight looks like a vast improvement, but again...Rocksteady knows you cant just do the same thing in a franchise and keep it relevant.

Palitera3132d ago


Lots of +helpfuls to you.

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OpieWinston3132d ago

They've fixed a lot of the bugs.
It's a solid game now.

Great evidence scanning system
Better Boss Fights than Arkham City
Strong cast of characters/actors
Does a great job telling the Origin stories of characters, surprisingly well.

You'll enjoy it. People build up Arkham City to stupid expectations...Arkham City is an epic game and an awesome batman game if you play all of it, but bare in mind Origins was WB Montreals first game taking the mantle of Rocksteadys legacy. They've learned a lot from launch.

Christopher3132d ago

Well, they could improve by supporting their game rather than promoting DLC and saying that they won't fix game-breaking issues in it.

wannabe gamer3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

so which subject is this article about
THIS- Where Did Batman: Arkham Origins Go Wrong?
OR THIS - With Arkham Knight on the way, will it improve upon Arkham Origins?

seems like 2 different subjects

Outside_ofthe_Box3132d ago

It wasn't developed by Rocksteady.

Vandamme213132d ago

My only problem with origins was the fact that the kombat system didn't feel as good as city and asylum..but overall it was a solid game.

gabbboolo3132d ago

I liked the game, but it was just less interesting than arkham city. Also Gotham was just a Christmas reskin. But at the end of the day it was more of the Arkham gameplay I like, and Troy baker did a good job.

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