Why Does Sony Keep Outselling Microsoft?

How much is social media marketing contributing to the success of eight-generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? More than you think, say experts, along with competitive pricing.

ape0073668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

because it had way better first impression than xbox one and been cheaper for a half year

don't get me wrong, X1 is an amazing system and i love it and so is ps4

ps4 is the fastest selling system of all time and Xbox one is selling 2.2 faster than the good selling xbox 360..... it is what best for business

it's great time to a gamer

guyman3668d ago

It will only be a great time to be a gamer next year, that's if a person has both consoles

SamPao3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

You don't need those two you are talking about to have a great time
Also don't forget nintendo

uptownsoul3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

@alexKoepp That can't be the only reason... because of the 13 markets the Xbox One is in, the PS4 is edging them out in all 13 countries.

ziggurcat3668d ago

@ alex:

moot. in the regions that both systems are available, PS4 outsells xbone, so you can't use the, "bu-bu-but xbone is only in 13 regions!" argument.

Th4Freak3668d ago

I have a PS4 and a Wii U and i'm quite sure i'll have a great time next year, I don't need a Xbone.

MysticStrummer3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

@alex - Shouldn't XB1 be winning in any market, especially one of it's stronger markets, before that argument can hold a shred of validity?

I think the current numbers reflect MS's bungled 2013, the weaker later years of the 360, and for some people, lingering RRoD memories. I know more than one person who swore they'd never buy another MS console before XB1 was even revealed.

Going with weaker hardware for the sake of including Kinect didn't help, and making Kinect optional doesn't change that hardware.

Meanwhile, Sony released a console designed to be good for developers with more power at a cheaper price, improved an already great controller, and they managed to at least seem more gamer and developer friendly while doing it.

Both have good games, but Sony's image worldwide is something MS can't compete with.

bicfitness3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

You know, Guyman, I'm getting tired of people preaching console agnosticism. Reality check, the PS4 is outselling its nearest competitor for a number of reasons; none of which are particularly earth-shattering to an observant individual.

- Despite the doomsayers on N4G, or concern trolls, the PS4 actually has more games overall, over twice as many out and in development, as the X1. Check any list you choose. Among those are F2P titles, that have no PS+ requirement or cost of entry.
- Exclusives are sparse on BOTH systems, AND Sony has 2015 on lockdown with Bloodborne and the Order. Let's not forget No Man's Sky, either (probably late 2015). All the hype for late-Winter,/ early next year is riding with them.
- Multiplats, which make up 90% or more of console software purchases play BETTER on the PS4. In the age of social media, this fact has spread far and wide to the lowliest of console peasants.
- With both machines at $399, the PS4 still offers a better value for the library, performance and simple consumer preference. It won the early mindshare, and its not going to lose it anytime soon.
- We now have MS REMOVING features--Kinect, questionable dev-kit support--simply to achieve price parity, yet not product or performance parity.
- MS's messaging has been horrific and confusing from the start and its barely gotten any better. Not a single head seems to know what the other is doing.
- On the contrary, Sony's messaging has been on point from the start and they've hardly missed a beat or opportunity. All of their execs also share the same script and vision. If they aren't confused, its easier for consumers to have faith in the product.

There is no need for both consoles when one just has more options, games and appeal. The end. But let's keep creating mythic goalposts of "exclusives" and "out in more countries" and "wait for NPD". Or let's suddenly make the unrealistic demand that in order to be a "real gamer" you need to spend another thousand dollars or so on a poorly-conceived machine just to keep this gluttonously cash-gorged industry afloat. Sometimes, products and visions need to fail. If MS stays for another console cycle, you can be sure that they will try harder to appease--and not ignore--consumer voices. In the meantime, if you want an X1 for the dribble of exclusives each year, that's fine, but its not a reasonable argument to propose to Joe gamer just looking to play FIFA with his mates.

NatureOfLogic_3668d ago

Many reasons. Better hardware, first party games, better looking/performing third party games, indie support, games first approach, DS4, VR leader for consoles, cloud gaming leader for consoles, f2p support, PS plus setting the standard, better console design(my opinion), playroom, unchanged laser focused vision unlike MS or Playstation long history of great hardware and software support. Pick one.

Darkstares3668d ago

It keeps outselling because,

1. Up until June it was the cheaper system
2. The hardware is technically superior for the same price now (before June it was $100 cheaper)
3. Sony has always done better than Microsoft globally but the XB1 hasn't been released in as many markets yet.
4. Better vision from the start, Microsoft spent a long time trying to fix the image of the XB1.
5. The PS4 still gets more game content, mainly from having more Japanese support and better relations so far with indie developers.
6. This is a big one, they have the momentum and it's hard to stop that unless the XB1 starts to either get unique features or software that isn't available on the PS4.

Army_of_Darkness3668d ago


Oh yeah..... Totally bro cause we ALL know that the rest of the world cares deeply for the xbone and would have taken first place in next gen console sales if only... If only MS knew this themselves! And to think, you would have thought ms would realize the potential from their 360 worldwide sales... Oh wait... ;-)

Testfire3668d ago

Better hardware, better franchises (imo), track record for console support throughout it's life cycle. The value overall is just better.

I recently just bought a 360 though with a slew of exclusives and I must say I'm having a lot of fun with it. MS got many things right, and some even better than the PS3. But in the end Sony offers a lot more value in their consoles, they always have.

GTgamer3668d ago

Smh look at history And you will know why.PlayStation has been up their with the top Contenders such as Nintendo thanks to the PlayStation 1 then PlayStation2 destroyed the competition and took the crown and Then X360 came out and trust me MS got lucky because Sony Screwed up and you all know that's true so Xbox 360 came in but the PS3 caught back up while Nintendo took the crown for the last generation but this is a whole new Generation and Playstation seems to be regaining the crown because guess who screwed up this generation but one thing i learned from history is that Playstation can be unstoppable once in the lead.

Utalkin2me3668d ago


Yep i own a Ps4 and WiiU

And BTW the title is rhetorical.

showtimefolks3668d ago


I don't think so, majority of the games will be same on ps4/xbox one. Its only the exclusives and that comes down to personal preference. I personally don't have the time for 2 consoles but if i did than my 2nd choice would be wii-u because of Nintendo's exclusives

on topic:

The reason ps4 is selling better is because sony has been giving mixed messages. They are laser focused while MS is still in recovery mode. Also ps4 is the better consoles tech wise.

PlayStation is a stronger brand and it seems like these are the good old days of ps1/ps2

sony has to mess up in a huge way for ms to have any chances of catching them/ world wide selling 4-1 and here in states 2-1

kreate3668d ago

Even if u dont own any consoles, its always a great time to be a gamer.

Rimeskeem3668d ago

And the wallet of bill gates

Giul_Xainx3668d ago

It's PlayStation.
It's Sony.
It's a parallelogram.
It's youtube capable.
It's small.
It's black.
It's sleek.
It's new.
It has a blue line.
It comes with a recharable battery.
It comes with a controller.
It offers free games with its service.
It doesn't invade our privacy.
It doesn't have HDCP anymore.
It connects with my PS Vita.
It can play the games I want.
It can be used as a projectile.
You can choke someone with its power chord.

TheGreatAndPowerful3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Because its a better product and has better services and its studios put out better games? The only thing the Xbone has going for it is COD and Halo and that's about it.

calis3668d ago

If any of the regions that Microsoft hasn't released the XB1 were actually big regions that make a difference, Microsoft would have released them there already.

Jury3668d ago

Garbage. I have a great time just with my playstation. I don't have enough time to play all the great games on it so I sure don't need an xbox

UltraNova3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I don't wanna sound negative here but did anyone else get the diminishing vibe towards Sony's success?

I mean look at the ending line "Though Sony is currently in the lead, Microsoft could pull ahead with some amazing Xbox One-exclusive content and an improved social media presence. "


How can you pull ahead of someone by using the exact same strategy as they do? Just look at 2015 what could MS possibly reveal that could trounce UC4 considering Halo is already announced?

As for "an improved social media presence" I think its safe to say this gen MS will be fighting a losing battle on this one..,.

IBT should get a hint on professionalism.

ShinMaster3668d ago

Because the PlayStation brand is bigger worldwide than Xbox. Period.

If the Xbox 360, with its insane marketing, 1 year head start, more initial developer support and easier to develop for architecture couldn't outsell the PS3 by being $1-200 cheaper. What makes people think the PS4 was gonna be outsold this time around when it doesn't suffer from many of the limitations the PS3 had.
Xbox One has none of the advantages the 360 had over PS3.

@ alexkoepp
The PS4 sells more even in the same territories that the Xbox One is sold, including North America.