How to optimize your Mario Kart 8 racer for your favorite stats

A new tool helps Mario Kart 8 gamers optimize their racer according to their favorite stats.

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3135d ago Replies(2)
Geekman3135d ago

Will that gelp me beat the Prick online who somehow got 4 boomerangs?

Are_The_MaDNess3135d ago

well not to mention like 4 blue shells in one match while you are in first...... and 2 thunders (all in one game) they must be praying to RNGeesus or something.

2cents3135d ago


In my case it was coin, coin, coin, coin, coin, coin... AAAAaaarrrrggg!!!

Are_The_MaDNess3135d ago

well yeah... i got coins all the time like 98% of the time. everyone else gets the good stuff.
i get it that they give less to the one on first place, but still....... there should atleast be a small chance to get something good for once over a banana or a coin.

live2play3135d ago

I once got 3 red shells in first place. I felt unstoppabl.

millzy1023134d ago

I got a crazy 8 in second and even I thought that was unfair but oh well it let me win.