Oddworld sold 5 million copies, and didn't make its creators a cent | GameDynamo

In a truly Glukkon-like move, the publishers responsible for distributing the original Oddworld didn't give franchise creator Lorne Lanning and his studio Oddworld Inhabitants a single cent in royalties.

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randomass1713126d ago

That's absolutely terrible. I'm really glad these guys are able to self-publish nowadays. They remind me a lot of Double Fine and how there are examples of publishers and the system in general unfairly screwing smaller developer teams out of their own success.

crusf3126d ago

Agreed. Money can people do horrible things.

showtimefolks3126d ago

i am glad they got their company, its truly sad how publishers behave. I remember Obsidian entertainment didn't get a huge bonus in their contract because Fallout:new vegas didn't get 85/100 overall. They had an added bonus in their contracts saying if the game reviews 85 and above they would get extra money

that is why self publishing is so important and that is where indies are leading the way.

Bungie chose activision because they were gonna let them keep the IP no matter what

Insomniac chose MS because sony wanted the sunset overdrive IP, also Insomniac went with EA for Fuse for same reason

a lot of these console makers/publishers have been doing things the old school way for so long where change is a hard thing.

Codewow3126d ago

This is why crowd-sourcing is good for smaller developers and why I support crowd-sourcing. You can't ever trust a company that thinks about itself first.

Jihaad_cpt3126d ago

Except then you get all the money non of the risk and as an "investor" you get nothing but a game. They are complaining because they weren't happy to not make a profit which is fair but that's capitalist system for you

Muzikguy3126d ago

I like this. Screw the middle man. Same with music and movies. The middle man gets all the money while the ones doing all the work get nothing. In movies you have many smaller studios starting up and people directing their own. Music you have labels owned by musicians and not corporations. IMO, a publisher is and always has been a drag on the industry. I know everyone wants to think without a publisher devs don't get noticed. Well, I don't believe that. Technology nowadays is a great thing. I don't believe we need big publishers pocketing money anymore. You know, without them games could even be cheaper?!

WeAreLegion3126d ago

That sucks. Hard. I hope people buy this new one. I'm a little worried they won't at $30 a pop. :/ I just pre-ordered it earlier.

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