Dota 2: Who will be the Most Common Heroes at TI4?

Mike Stubbs: "As much as I love playing Dota 2, my real obsession is with the professional scene. Watching the best players in the world take part in a game that they know every last detail of is fascinating, and the entertainment value matches that of any other sport. Perhaps the most amazing thing about professional Dota is the ever-changing meta.

Every professional player knows the exact time to stack ancients, the best trees to juke around, and all the perfect ward locations – but something they can never be sure on, is the strongest heroes to pick in each game. A good combination of five heroes can almost win a game before it starts, but getting the perfect draft is nearly impossible.

So with the International 4 kicking off, now is the perfect time to look at the current meta and decide which heroes will show up the most."

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