First Command & Conquer 360 screens

EA's recent Lord Of The Ring RTS 360 game was dogged by dodgy controls but EA say that C&C Tiberium Wars' gameplay is "ultra-responsive, smooth-as-silk".

But is that all just PR talk. Probably, but with Ensemble Studios proclaiming the coming of the console RTS with Halo Wars, EA might have been forced to raise its game.

Check out the first two screens of the Xbox 360 version

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AuburnTiger4443d ago

RTS's need to stay on the PC, controllers cannot compete with the keyboard and mouse.

bung tickler4443d ago

if a controller was really that much of a shortcomming they could, not saying they will, add keyboard and mouse support easily.

Lucidmantra4442d ago

I use a keyboard all the time on my 360 it stays plugged into one of the back USB ports