Dishonored 2 Details Revealed By Insider

NowGamer: "Details about Arkane Studios' Dishonored 2, including its protagonist, setting and development, have been revealed to NowGamer."

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-Foxtrot2191d ago

New character? Hmmm....I'd rather they bring Corvo back but give him some character development and a voice.

Hellsvacancy2191d ago

Yeah we defo need a voice actor this time

I LOVED Dishonored

-Foxtrot2191d ago

They had a face model and everything for him thanks to the trailers why not give him a voice

When Emily is tyring to say things to him and Corvo is there being a mute it's kind of off putting.

ScottyHoss2191d ago

The trailers which didn't follow the storyline -_- didn't even meet the outsider in prison, still an awesome game though.

UltraNova2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

This game was one of last gens gems. Love it to bits. The atmosphere, the controls and their flawless execution, the level design, the story it was a blast!

As for a new lead, No! Corvo has way to much character development to go through for him to get canned like that. As the stated above, a good voice actor would do wonders for this game! I say make a fully fledged sequel with Corvo and then if they cant go forward (3rd game) with him they can introduce a new lead.

Oh and get a trailer out some time soon please...

Ocsta2191d ago

Corvo's story wrapped up nicely didn't it? They'd have to change the lore to bring him back.

-Foxtrot2191d ago

Did it though...we were just told something by the Outsider. Who's to say it actually happened.

Cherchez La Ghost2191d ago

This wasn't a bad game. I really enjoyed playing it.


I agree, I want to see Corvo come back also.

Jaqen_Hghar2191d ago

Wasn't a huge fan of the original but if they smoothed out the controls and visuals a little it could be worth picking up. A man is always tempted to buy a game about assassins ;)

Shadonic2191d ago

visuals made it awesome/unique

AnotherProGamer2191d ago

Visuals were good from.a distance but kind of rough up close

Jaqen_Hghar2191d ago

a man found the animations and character models to be very grisly up close

Kennytaur2191d ago

Game looks glorious on even a lower end Pc, the new systems should make the visuals shine. Last gen consoles just didn't have the ram to do the textures justice.

My laptop with an i5 and 2gb Nvidia GT620m could run it on max at 1080p at a pretty stable framerate (don't remember the specific numbers, but it was smoother than on consoles).

I wouldn't mind a budget-priced PS4/XO version of the first game actually.

Blacklash932191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I really liked Dishonored, so I'd love a sequel. There are many interesting places we could visit that were teased in the first game. And there's so many ways they could expand on the gameplay!

I think it'd be cool to play as Emily, but that doesn't really make sense. She became the Empress and ruled into her old age, according to the ending. Unless The Outsider was lying.

-Foxtrot2191d ago

I always saw the ending as what The Outsider said COULD happen. He exists outside of reality, so maybe he's only seeing one of many outcomes.

elninels2190d ago

No no no no no. No more bioshock infite multiple dimensions have no idea what really happened holes in logic Bologna please

InTheLab2191d ago

Loved Dishonored. Especially the world of Dishonored. One of the best games of last gen and a complete surprise.

Dishonored 2 is a day one for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.