Frenzy in Hong Kong for Sony's PlayStation 3

A crowd of game fans camped out for hours in Hong Kong to get their hands on the much-anticipated Sony's new PlayStation 3 on the retail launch.

Some 200 fans screamed and cheered when Tetsuhiko Yasuda, head of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, pulled up in the busy streets in the latest model of Lamborghini, Gallado Spyder, with the first new console.

Toby Mak, 20-year-old enthusiast who was the first in line, said he arrived on Wednesday evening with more than 10 friends, eager to be the first to get their hands on the latest console.

"I am very happy. But I think when I get home, the first thing I would proberly do is to get some sleep before I play," said the bleary-eyed fan.

Another fan, who owns hundreds of titles and 10 consoles from older Playstation models, to Nintendo and Xbox, also camped out for two nights for one of the 200 consoles available at the launch.

"My friend and I have rung around different shops here but they've all been reserved. So we had no choice but to come here early to get one for ourselves," said the enthusiast.

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Master of Menace4446d ago

Ah yes, so the PS3's battle for supremacy begins. Are Sony actually creating more demand for their console, by not supplying enough? People always want what they can't get.