12 Board Games Based On Video Games That You’d Never Play

GamingSoFar: Here are some of the Board games based on video games to play with your friends when you got bored and cant find a monoply.

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prince52535d ago

I have never played a single board game

aliziabi2535d ago

Then what can we Do if u never Play?

Magicite2534d ago

Im sorry for You.
Me myself would be more than happy to play any of these...20 years ago.
But then again Im curious about that Warcraft board game.

Peter_Warrior2535d ago

I played Civilization for a long time with my friends years ago. It was awesome.

mt2534d ago

I didn't know about all of those board games. Civilization might works very well as board game.

Th3o2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

This is why I hate clicking on these types of articles:

"who wouldhv thought there would be a doom Board game . well here it is "

No proofreading "would've?", and Board is capitalized but Doom isn't. Also "well"...I mean I hate it when people point out grammar on the web but that's in comments...this is an article.

There are plenty more...even dices instead of just dice...dice is already the plural of die.