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Charlie from The Vita Lounge reviews the PlayStation Vita version of Ubisoft's brilliant and beautiful RPG Child of Light

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teflontactics3127d ago

Great review Charlie, very well written and informative. :)

JackOfAllBlades3127d ago

Agreed, I will playou this once I finish some of my backlog

Odoylerules0003126d ago

Those backlogs, tho. I totally agree, I gotta stop buying games until I start playing through the ones I already have.

Metallox3127d ago

80 hours spent on this game already... it's really magical. My favorite of this year. Ubisoft needs to focus in this kind of games.

Geekman3127d ago

Watched a little bit of "Cry Abridges" on this. Seems fun.

Odoylerules0003126d ago

I was thinking about picking this up on PC but I reckon I'll get it on Vita instead. Looks like a lot of fun.