The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 Rated by the ESRB: Alcohol Reference Added to PS3 Version

Today the ESRB released the new rating for The Last of Us Remastered, which will hit our PS4 consoles on July 29th, showing a relevant difference with the rating of the PS3 version.

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ShiftShock3134d ago ShowReplies(3)
LKHGFDSA3134d ago

ah that's from the DLC, you find a bottle and it prompts to drink it. I chose no.

Obviously the difference in the rating is there because this version of the game contains the Left Behind DLC.

NazKidA3134d ago

thank you for the spoiler

Applejack3134d ago

I honestly don't see how that's a spoiler...

jeeves863134d ago

NazKidA goes to the store and picks up a product off the shelf. Looks at the back of the box at what the package contains.

"Fucking spoilers," he mutters as he throws the package to the ground.

trancefreak3132d ago

I wonder if Naughty will throw some new easter eggs in the game. You know the one if you played it already.

Dno3128d ago

yes those easter eggs are called 1080p 60fps, all DLC and the most important one that is do not buy it if you played it already and do not want these extra features.

ginsunuva3134d ago

Mommy the game said the word beer.
I'm an alcoholic now.

matrixman923134d ago

legitimately the funniest thing I have read on N4G in quite some time...Bravo

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