Top 5 Video Game Introductions

Whether it takes five minutes or five seconds to make a first impression, that short amount of time is what will change a gamer’s attitude from “I heard this game was good, so maybe I should play it,” to “Oh man, this game is going to be amazing!”

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GeofferyPeterson3134d ago

FarCry 3's intro was almost as good as TLOU. And that's saying something!

TheButtonMasher3134d ago

I still need to get my hands on a PlayStation so I can play TLOU!

JohnHeatz3134d ago

If you haven't played TLOU, you are missing quite a lot!

HonestDragon3134d ago

I love me a good intro to a game. It sets the tone for when you get right into the game. That especially works well for role-playing and open world games. And if it has great music? Even better!