Bloodborne In February, "Balanced" Sony Offering @ Gamescom

Bloodborne gets a release date window and Sony's Gamescom press conference plan hinted

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Alexious3134d ago

It seems strange for Sony to release both The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne in the same month. Unless The Order: 1886 is pushed ahead to the end of January...

Festano3134d ago

If it is true prepare ourselves to a very hot month.

ZodTheRipper3134d ago

I'm almost sure Bloodborne won't release in February, it's just Tidux talking out of his a$$ again. March is realistic but my bet is on April or even May.

Sevir3134d ago

No way. February is still Winter. This will be a March 15th - Apr 25th release next year. And they'll likely release it before the Fiscal Year ends much the same way They released Second Son. February will be see The Order 1886 Dominate along with Batman and the Witcher 3 and Dying Light.

TheUltimateGamer3134d ago

That would be a bit of an odd move on their part...

assdan3134d ago

I think that they'd want to space them at least a month apart.

Inception3134d ago

Both games have different genre and i don't see they will canibalize each other if they released in the same month.

But yeah, it would be wise if sony should release both games on different month.

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Mostafeto3134d ago

I am glad that Sony seems to be interested in balancing the number of indie games and AAA games featured in their press conference

Alexious3134d ago

Many have complained about the abundance of indie games, and I have to say that I somewhat agree. It's time to show more AA/AAA stuff, Sony.

Alex_Boro3134d ago

Yep it's nice to have indies but its the triple A stuff which makes people want to have a ps4

Mostafeto3134d ago

I agree with the comment above (or below as i really don't know where this comment will be when it is published but it's Alex_Boro's comment) People go buy consoles for the AAA and first party games only few people bought a PS4 to play indies although they are sometimes more entertaining than AAA games

DanielGearSolid3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I really don't get it...

So many months in a year, but developers/publishers insist on packing releases in the same months

Revolver_X_3134d ago

Oct.-Dec. is holiday shopping.
In America Jan.-April. is income tax returns.

These are the times, in America, that ppl have money to blow. This is also why the summer is always dry. Less expendable cash and great outdoor weather=potentially less sales.

DanielGearSolid3134d ago

I mean I understand that, but doesn't the con of bigger established IPs releasing in the same timeframe outweigh the pro... Especially for new IPs

And then there's the fact that gamers in general, just aren't poor. (Even tho I am)

This is an expensive hobby, I think gamers would be willing to dish out the money no matter what time of the year

Revolver_X_3134d ago

It could. I can only go from my experience and what I see. Considering the unemployment rate is higher then its been in a decade, and the poverty line has raised tremendously, you'd be surprised to know most gamers are poor like you and me. If they werent, all AAA's would sell like GTA and COD. Hell, myself and ALL of my friends bought our PS4 with our tax returns. You'll never see a console release in say, August. People just dont have the money then.

From my perspective it could potentially hurt. But I also know millions of adult gamers get taxes back Jan-Feb, myself included, so I'll be able to get both. But all we can do is wait and see.

Salooh3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I'm with DanielGearSolid . If a game like this release in summer i will buy it no matter what. I'm not rich too , i just find ways to get that money before it release.

No games in summer except for Sniper elite 3 and The last of us which mean instant buy without even thinking. I for one Sit in home in summer so i have a lot of free time. Even if i travel i will take my ps4 with me. It's not like i will be out all day..

Anyway , on topic. My guess will be end of march or april. The order will release in Feb with the witcher 3 ..etc

Alexious3134d ago

That's fine, but why do they choose the same WEEKS? That's the thing. They could spread a couple of those games in October to November, or even December, which would give more breathing room to everyone.

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Alexious3134d ago

I agree, it's really strange. October this year is crazy, with four major games released on the same day (Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Driveclub, Alien: Isolation). I hope they spread it a bit further.

vlashyr3134d ago

I agree, from here to end of the year there are too many games that come out.

OrangePowerz3134d ago

I don't think Tidux is right there. February sounds too early for a game that hasn't really been shown yet. I would say Q2 or autumn next year.

Mostafeto3134d ago

I see that two PS4 exclusives in the same month will really drive PS4 hardware and game sales to the roof and why specifically Q2 or autumn?

OrangePowerz3134d ago

It's not so much as releasing 2 games in a month, but it's about the game being ready and with how little we have seen I have serious doubts that it will be ready by February.

As for why Q2 or autumn, those are the typical release windows for games of the Souls series and while it doesn't contain Souls in it's name it is very much a Spuls game.

nucky643134d ago

miyazaki has said that development on bloodborne started right after dlc for dark souls 1 was finished - so, I don't see next feb. as too early.

Aurenar3134d ago

All the new games coming out in February, why? Why not monthly releases?

Have they only one mortgage payment to be paid before March?

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