Cliff Bleszinski Reveals New Game, Called BlueStreak

'In news coming from his new company, Boss Key Productions, Cliff Bleszinski has signaled his return to game development with a game codenamed BlueStreak, a free to play PC sci-fi arena shooter, co-developed by Nexon.'

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dasbeer883127d ago

Expect tons of microtransactions at incredibly steep prices.

barb_wire3127d ago

More F2P..

by the end of this console generation, everything will be F2P and microtransactions out the ass.

zeuanimals3127d ago

Not all F2P games make microtransactions practically needed for everything. Path of Exile is F2P, the only things you can buy are cosmetic things that replace how your armor looks like but not actually anything deep. That means you can play the whole game with all of the real content without ever having to pay a penny. Most people end up paying anyway because they've sunk a ton of time and they just wanted to sort of thank the devs.

But this is co-developed by Nexon, so expect the worst. They better not go down the Crossfire route where you don't even own the guns you buy, you just rent them for real money then lose access to them in however many months you paid to use them.

Chevalier3127d ago

Crossfire was the top microtransaction game last ear they made over $900 million and even beat out LoL, so that would not be surprising

Back-to-Back3127d ago

@Zeus your confusing f2p with p2w. ALL f2p games support microtransactions that nickle and dime the customer. More character slots, more inventory space plz pay us monies.

Team_Litt3127d ago

Say that in regards to Deep Down and get a barrage of disagrees. PC exclusive seems to be open season though.

bicfitness3127d ago

I think that most of the revulsion comes more from "Nexon" and "F2P". Those two words have never meant anything but doom for the wallet. I play lots of F2P and PC games, and every, single one of their titles is made to gouge the consumer. They have a monetize first, design later philosophy.

JBSleek3127d ago

Considering this game is only coming to PC and we have had free to play games for many years I see no issue.

TXIDarkAvenger3127d ago

F2P doesn't have to be a bad thing...

Bimkoblerutso3127d ago

It doesn't...but it almost always is.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3127d ago

If gaming becomes to the point where the majority of the games are F2P, P2W, and nothing but micro transactions .... I will become a retro gamer only...

In fact I have plans for investing into some old systems...

Atari 2600, NES, SNES, SEGA master system, genesis, Dreamcast, jaguar, N64 plus more...

I have already a good start... With around 5 or 6 systems already...

Eventually I would like to have a gaming room, with maybe a arcade coin op or two...

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Relientk773127d ago

Would like to see some gameplay of this

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