Half-Life 3: 10 Crazy Fan Demands That Could Happen

Incredible features that just might happen, if Valve ever manages to count to three.

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Yi-Long3136d ago

Yet another 10-click list article. Can't be bothered. Just put the info on 1 page.

-Foxtrot3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Honestly if they do make Freeman talk I would love if Ross Scott voiced him. The Freeman Mind videos are hilarious and it would give Gordon Freeman an edge if he had that kind of personality, the kind where he's really this "bad" guy who has no choice to "save the world" as he's being swept along for the ride against his will...if you've seen the Freeman Mind videos you'll know what I mean.

"A Cooperative Campaign"

No...just no

I don't want to see any form of multiplayer or co-op in Half Life 3 unless Valve do it AFTER the main game comes out as free DLC....something they should of done with Portal 2 as they had to cut down the single player apparently to fit in the co-op campaign.

Chapter113135d ago

I think the craziest fan demand out there now is for the game to simply exist. Valve is far too busy putting garbage on Steam and making overpriced consoles and terrible controllers to actually make games these days.

RosweeSon3135d ago

Here's a crazy demand... Bloody make the game pretty please ;)

RosweeSon3135d ago

Saying that tho I've only just started up half life 2 again (orange box) got put into the backlog glad I kept hold of it all these years (nearly 6 or so haha) but even now half life 2 is amazing can't wait to finish the second half and then I've got ep's 1 and 2, half life 1 was amazing but they should really make a half life 2, or port number 1 to next gen to stir up some old flames, surely just be getting I for 10-15 years since the original. Great games.

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