ADG Short And Simple Review: Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark | EGMNOW

ADG reviews Transformers: Rise Of The Dark spark courtesy of activision via EGMNOW.

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GoPanthers9993133d ago

You mean, Activision pays for a Review. This game us garbage, maybe a 7.8 on a 20 scale. Don't go taking kids money by lying to them. I saw a dad buying his son this game in GS the other day (we were trading our copy, my son was over it in a few days) and I wanted to stop them and tell them how bad Rise truly is.

TheJacksonRGN3133d ago

Grow up! Seriously just because this reviewer liked the game does not mean they were paid by the publisher. Why is it you people just can't accept the fact that everyone has a different opinion. While I don't agree with the score (I scored a 7.8 in my review), I respect the reviewer's opinion on this game.

GoPanthers9993131d ago

Hello, I expressed an opinion and you are all over me for doing so. So, grow up and accept the fact "everyone has a different opinion."