The Witcher 3 Allows Horse Combat Everywhere In The Game

CD Projekt Red confirmed that you'll be able to fight with Geralt on horseback everywhere in The Witcher 3 if you want to.

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LavaLampGoo3136d ago

Isn't the 'Wild Hunt' something about an horde of undead horseman that ride across the land and wreck havoc? Sounds like horse combat will be used a lot if that's the case.

Omnisonne3136d ago

"The Wild Hunt is a horde of specters that roams the sky during storms and is an omen of disaster. The appearance of the Wild Hunt foreshadows war and woe, much as a comet does. The spectral Wild Hunt sometimes appears in nightmares of the cursed or those touched by Destiny." - The Witcher wiki

Alexious3136d ago

Yeah, they're not particularly "horsemen" although I have to say they recall Nazguls a lot.

TheUltimateGamer3136d ago

Not something we've seen a whole lot of. I'm interested to see how it plays.

Alexious3136d ago

It's a risky proposition, they'll have to balance it out with combat on foot.

Paul_JC3136d ago

This. Game. Is. Going. To. Be. AWESOME!

Haki11123136d ago

Enjoyed the first 2 Witchers have no doubt this one is going to be awesome too.

Mostafeto3136d ago

I thinks this game is going to be a bit over rated I actually didn't like playing The Witcher 1 although The Witcher 2 was decent I still don't think this one gets my appeal except for the really stunning visuals.

Roccetarius3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I can think of a few other overrated games, but that would be the end of the world. CDPR is taking RPG to the next level, and people are understandably excited for it.

elninels3136d ago

If you're talking about the uncharted series then I agree.