How does The Last of Us PS4 compare with the PS3 version? First screenshots leak online

The first screenshots of The Last of Us Remastered have appeared online, offering fans the opportunity to compare how the game looks on PS4 with the original PS3 version.

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GarrusVakarian3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Wow, that PS4 in-game character model for Joel is insane. The detail on his face is just crazy, it looks just as good as the pre-rendered cut scenes on PS3.

Awesome, can't wait.

BigBosss3127d ago

Can't wait, comes out 2 weeks after my birthday bro! :D

Eonjay3127d ago

I can't wait to play this myself. I want to see how the 60FPS impact the experience. To me the gameplay was always pretty smooth but my understanding is that they are saying that the enhanced fluidity "changes the experience". Can't wait to try it.

cleft53127d ago

I am looking forward to this, but The Last of Us was stunning looking on the PS3. It pushed the PS3 hardware so I am not surprised to see that it looks very similar on PS4.

The great thing about TLOU on Ps4 is that it is going to look that good and run at 60fps. I am more interested in seeing how the game moves than how it looks. After all, the game looks amazing on PS3.

Utalkin2me3127d ago

Kind of odd when you do fullscreen of both images its the exact same image for the Ps3 and PS4, but just at different image size.

XisThatKid3127d ago

This just reminds me on actually how good the PS3 version looked jeez this is a good game!

SilentNegotiator3127d ago

This "leaked" image is not leaked. The image, exact same resolution and quality, has been out for a long time:

Reported as fake, downvoted.

Braid3127d ago

Sure, let's compare pre-rendered cutscenes. The author either thought the cutscenes in TLOU was running real time or didn't give a flying F about making a useless comparison as long as it brings some clicks.

troylazlow3127d ago

if you already own the game, you will be disappointed, if you have never played it before you will love it.

Gazondaily3127d ago

Shouldn't we have had some official footage by now? I mean it's out in a couple of weeks and it's a remaster so surely there's nothing wrong with showing some footage of it in action?

Beastforlifenoob3127d ago

I cant wait even more, it comes out the day before my birthday .

ABeastNamedTariq3127d ago

About two weeks after mine too!

Outlaw19863127d ago

Yup 2 days before my birthday also! Know what I'm buying myself! :)

UltraNova3127d ago

I believe ND will come out guns blazing a couple days before the game's release and announce something so shocking it will make us run screaming to the shops to get a copy...

Dare I say it...full SP campaign local co-op!!! And the ability to choose between Ellie and Joel in certain parts of the game!

Thank god I have my copy pre-ordered!

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sourav933127d ago ShowReplies(1)
Timesplitter143127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Terrible comparison. No one can seriously look at this and claim there's a noticeable difference. If they didn't say which one is which, I might have thought the bottom one was PS4 because the colors look more vibrant. That's about the only difference between the two pictures aside from Joel's slight haircut change.

But this is a cutscene screenshot so it's pointless to compare. The difference will be in-game, and it will mostly show in terms of FPS and resolution.

alloverspira393127d ago

Ditto. I assumed the screenshots would reveal a noticeable difference, since all the comments are so enthused, but oh man...disappointed by exaggeration lol. I would like to watch gameplay video comparison, showing off the difference in frame rate especially.
I wonder if the AI will be a bit less awkward.

Salooh3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

They said gameplay characters will look like cutscene . This is a cutscene , i don't know why people expected huge difference in cutscene. There are upgrades but you only look at the colors ;.

HDTV and 60FPS will show the difference even in cutscenes even if there were no differences. People just need to experience it by themselfs. Otherwise they won't notice the upgrade..

lifeisgamesok3127d ago

Yeah these screenshots prove there had to be sacrifices to get this game at 1080p 60 fps

They look identical

Marundanation3127d ago

There are two types of cutscenes in this game - Pre-rendered and Real-time.

The one with Joel's face is a Real-time cutscene which is running on the PS3/PS4. If you played the game many times like I did you will know which ones are pre-rendered or real-time.

A big hint is to look under Bonus (or Extras, can't remember) in the Main Menu and go to 'Cinematic'. EVERY SINGLE pre-rendered cutscenes are listed in there. The rest of the other cutscenes in the game are real-time.

Now shut up about "Oh, these screenshots are just BS because they are pre-rendered cutscenes". Another test you can do is change Ellie and Joel's clothes from the Bonus menu. Their clothes obviously do not change in pre-rendered but do change in real-time.

XxExacutionerxX3127d ago

I saw that too, the colors are kind of washout on the PS4. Thats all of the games on that system.

strifeblade3127d ago

so basically last of us is a simple hd port running at 1080p instead of 720p and 60 fps instead of 30 fps. Wow I honestly expected more and i see absolutly no difference. And for people saying last of us isnt about graphics now but in the way it runs is hilarious. Shifting goal posts everywhere. only on playstation and only on n4g.

marioJP873127d ago

100% agreed. I need more comparisons to justify a purchase from me. I suppose I'll wait til it's released to get an adequate comparison.

user56695103127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

i said this the other day and got bashed to death.

call it for what it is a port and fanboys get mad. the only difference between this and other hd ports is its an exclusive. so no old pc version thats competing with consoles that just released.

it is what it is.

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Future_20153127d ago ShowReplies(15)
Drithe3127d ago ShowReplies(3)
Bobby Kotex3127d ago

You're drowning in Sony kool-aid. I hope this doesn't bring a ridiculous wave of 'remastered' PS3 games to the PS4.

Crazyglues3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Ok this just makes me laugh... This is the same pic that's been out for months are you kidding me..

Come on' who is approving this stuff...

People want to see the game so bad they are looking at the same shots from months ago... This is not new

This is what we have known for months... --- you guys are comparing a Rendered Scene from PS3 with a Rendered Scene from PS4, this is not GAME-PLAY.. seriously, this is how silly it's getting now..

||.........___||............ ||

ArchangelMike3127d ago

I'm getting the game for the PS4 primarily for the 60fps gameplay in both singleplayer and multiplayer. The graphics are secondary for me. But yeah, either way I can't wait for this game.

XxExacutionerxX3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Whats funny is that I bet modders could make this game look better and more real on the PS4 than the developers can. Those screenshots are a dumb, I want to see in gameplay of both systems side by side.

Also, sony fanboys need to stop over hyping this game.
Last of Us is great but its not the greatest game ever and if this game was on Xbox 360 and Xbox One it would have sold more and got more people playing the game, so by the time Last Of Us 2 comes out it would have sold 30 - 50 million copies.
Compare this games sales to any Halo game or any Gears of War game besides Judgement.
Sony games do not sell as good as they are.
Microsoft would've made Last Of Us sell way more copies by having lots of Ads and a TV series.
The developers need to leave sony and make games for all the consoles.
Sony has said that they make games at a lost in sells. Well if you do a better job marketing a game, then it will sale a lot better.

ado9083127d ago

Not one halo game on the 360 or xbone have come close to 30 million, so how would the last of us? And naughty dog is owned by Sony

FanboyKilla3127d ago

Im not sure, but are all those shots from cut scenes? This isnt a good way to compare. They obviously dont want it compared just yet. If i had something beautiful and amazing i would be more than happy to let you see it.

I havent played lou yet. I watched the online on twitch, it looked great. Cant wait to play, i know im going to love it. I dont care about the graphics upgrade, but telling me its going to be something its not is going upset and dissapoint me. Shhhhhhhhh with all that talking, without the nuts to back it up. Less than a month away from launch and no gameplay? Why? Thats what should be selling your game. Not tweets about how amazing it looks but you cant see it. You dont tell me its amazing, i tell you. Nice try though.

turdburgler10803127d ago

Remastered edition is now confirmed to be a money grab. First PSnow ripp off pricing and then this garbage. Sony acts like your friend then stabs you in the back. Playedstation: where gamers come to get played.

hkgamer3127d ago

it does look insane an its great that is real time. but in a sense. the ps3 prerendered footage looks better. what they should be showing more is the gameplay footage where i guess the difference would be massive

solar3127d ago

i didnt see much of a difference. a few shadows thats about it. textures didnt seem like an upgrade.

Drithe3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

It's not an upgrade. It's a copy and paste game to make money because they have no other games out right now.

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BigBosss3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

bigger images, first one showing the PS4 version whereas the other one is the PS3 and I must say...Dear God that looks insane!

Naughty Gods

GarrusVakarian3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Dem 1080p beard hairs.

Lol at Joe's facial expression in the article thumbnail, he must have looked in a mirror and saw how good he looks on PS4. XD

BigBosss3127d ago

I just jumped out of excitement and lucky I didn't wake my lil bro up lol

Future_20153127d ago

must be nice for u console folks to get some 1080p content while pc is at 4K with most games

ravinash3127d ago

@ Future_2015

No matter what settings you jack it up to, TLOU is not on PC, so whats your point?

jcnba283127d ago

You sound a bit too obsessed with graphics, maybe you should invest in a PC?

Braid3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )


I have a R9 290 4 GB and I can barely play Watch_Dogs at ultra 1080p, what 4K are you talking about? Do you have any idea how demanding next-gen games like Witcher 3 will be on PC? As long as you don't have a GTX Titan Black SLI which would turn your PC case into a thermonuclear power plant that costs you triple the electricity bill, you can forget about 4K or play Rayman Origins at glorious 4K resolution with a moderate GPU and watch 4K bluray movies. That's about it.

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mrmack003127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

@ Future_2015 - Must be nice being a sad troll? Or is it bad?

Someone slap me for even replying to the troll..

SilentNegotiator3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I did a reverse image search and found a couple of 1080p versions of that image that already existed, exact same quality as the one featured in this article: (yeah, I know; Google thought it was beyond two souls :S but it gave proper images)

This "leaked" image does not seem to be a leaked image.

MasterCornholio3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Thats what I thought when I first saw the pictures. A 1080P image has to look a lot sharper than a 720P image which is why I believe these are not real comparisons.

turdburgler10803127d ago

Who's paying you? Is it naughty dog? What a crock. Theres no huge difference.

hkgamer3127d ago

there is no huge difference, but the ps3 ones are prerendered.

which i believe kinda pointless, why wont naughty dog show us gameplay so we can compare real time to real time and see the differnce.

why do we want to see something that doesnt show much difference?

Kavorklestein3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Seriously? The PS3 Version of that screenshot looks WAY better than the PS4.

The PS4 looks washed out and grey, the PS3 has better colors, especially her eyes, face and hair. Look at Joel's shirt, Ellie's sleeve, and on the PS3 version, you can actually see ambient light refracting around in the inside of the car... The PS4 version is too washed out to see the little lighting effects that bring more LIFE to the scene.

I can't believe how stupid the Sony fans must feel for thinking the graphics would really improve. The framerate might be a nice difference, but the PS3 version, (from what I'm seeing) looks much more beautiful.
The PS4 looks slightly sharper, but the actual IMAGE looks better on PS3.

This is why Xbox fans would rather have more on screen effects to enhance or post process the image on their games than always worry about strictly resolution and framerate.

plaZeHD3127d ago

LOL the ps3 version looks sharper.

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stuna13127d ago

I'm in for a treat! Being this will be my first time playing it. Which gives credence to the fact that there will be a demand for the game on the PS4, I'm living proof and I'm positive I'm not the only one.

Edvin19843127d ago

Good Sir,

I'd like to say I hate you hahah... gosh this game was such an epic experience. I can't not wait to replay it again, but very envious of your playing for the first time in this remaster you'll love it.

Good Luck.

stuna13127d ago

Yeah I was watching a Ellie mission on YouTube and it pretty much sold me on what I had missed, I'm just glad that my wish of it coming to the PS4 came true, if not I would have eventually brought the PS3 version.

Volkama3126d ago

Stuna: Don't watch anything else on youtube. Or any other format. Just wait be patient and then take the game in for yourself.

Well, no youtube of TLOU anyway. You can watch someone juggling kittens, or whatever other nonsense you may find on there :p

ramiuk13127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

i have this on preorder and didnt play it on ps3,but it doesnt look much better imo.
granted it looks really good but it already look good on ps3.

i cant wait to play it and i know im gonna get dislikes but its not the upgrade i expected

hkgamer3127d ago

the problem is that tlou cutscenes were prerendered in engine and not running real time. therefor having amazing looking scenes. ps4 i suppose is running real time so it is showing how great it actually is looking.

however i do want to say that most people didnt care about it being prerendered or not. actually most people this gen didnt really care about prerendered cutscenes. i mean the only good thing for real time cutscenes is so that when your character is wearing alt. costume it shows that on the cutscene aswell.

anyway, once we see gameplay we can actually see the difference. hopefully they will release a 60fps video just to show us.