Microsoft Explains How Xbox One Cloud Enables Massive Multiplayer Games, Reveals Cloud Flow Diagram

"Microsoft have been hyping up the so called power of the cloud for some time now but besides the one technical demo we haven't actually seen anything that may indicate its use in a practical set up."

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pompombrum3136d ago

Here we go again with the cloud crap. Owned my Xbox One since Titanfall and being honest, I've yet to see any serious benefits. So far my only noteworthy experience of the "cloud" in gaming is the damn barsteward stealing my GTA 5 online character.

mcstorm3136d ago

The DriverTars in Forza 5 a good example of how the cloud can be used but not really seen much else used I know the bots in Titan fall use the cloud but they are not the best example.

dumahim3136d ago

Even the Drivatars didn't really feel all that different from the AI in previous games. They still have the same AI driving tendancies that drive people nuts. People would even race against their friend's drivatar and it acted nothing like the real person.

Clearly there was a difference between each of the drivatars on the track, but I don't think it was all it was cracked up to be.

I especially love how so many of them drive on the grass on the long straight on Silverstone.

sinspirit3136d ago

Drivatars are processed on your console, and simply uploaded to the cloud as a file that others can access. It isn't cloud processed.

snookiegamer3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

In the future, games are going to be unbelievable. MS have invested a lot into Cloud tech. I wonder if it'll be ready during Xbox One's lifetime, or is this something for X1's successor?

MS' cloud ambitions are pretty much like Sony' VR. It's something for much later on down the road IMO.

kayoss3136d ago

The Cloud and Sony's VR is not alike. The cloud will be implemented to players if they like or not. It will be implemented even if the consumers do not have the bandwidth to fully utilize it, it may mean that there will be parity between consumers for the same game depending if they have internet connection or not. Sony's VR is an accessory. Its not mandatory for consumers to use it. There are no parity between users.

snookiegamer3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Learn to read and comprehend! I'm not saying they are the same tech. I know the differences in what they are LOL??

My comment was based around time scales. They are both a ways in it's early days for both future consumer services/products....jeez!

Please don't attempt to use my comment to spread your propaganda next time. Your not nearly as smart as you think you are, I see right through your anti-microsoft comment.

'Where's my common sense'?

I think we're on different pages pal. I never invited any explanations from you, you volunteered, and that's not a problem. But, you're (yada, yada) comment is on a totally different subject to mine. I don't mean to be rude, but you went all convulted on me ;)

kayoss3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I know how to comprehend what you wrote. What im trying to say to you is VR is much more a reality for everyone else who can afford it. Cloud is not a reality for the majority of the consumers. Why?? Bandwidth is the biggest issue with Cloud computing and cloud gaming. The majority of the people in the united states don't even have high speed internet let alone think about cloud computing. where is your common sense? Why get defensive? when all im trying to do is explain to you. No where in my post I attacked you or said anything vulgar. If you're so sensitive to replies then don't post anything.

n4rc3136d ago

How exactly is a data stream of 1s And 0s bandwidth intensive? We aren't streaming textures or audio etc.. Its instructions

And I'd argue the vast majority of gamers have sufficient bandwidth.. Counting people in the middle of nowhere that wouldn't own a cell phone let alone a brand new gaming system is irrelevant to the topic.

And even so.. Games that use this service will undoubtedly be marketed as online only.. So those few people can simply not buy it

denawayne3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

"The cloud will be implemented to players if they like or not."

So, players are forced to buy a cloud based game they can't play but they have the option to purchase Morpheus?

Flutterby3136d ago


Everything through the Internet is 0 and 1s what are you talking about. Also the download speed of you Internet is not the biggest factor it's the latency , the same thing that has plagued wow players for 10 years. You think MS can make everyone's Internet in the world latency free? Nope so it doesn't matter.


Lay off the pixie dust anyone that replies to you and disagrees you have a stroke about it, maybe leave this Web page and go do some research before telling other ppl they aren't smart. Also if you find that the majority of ppl don't understand what your point is its because you aren't very good at making your point clear enough.

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nunley333135d ago

I agree it's gonna be amazing in the future when this tech is ready for public consumption. Sony has invested a lot in it's cloud tech too. We may not see this fully realized till XBONE2 or PS5. And yes VR is in a similar spot and that probably won't be fully realized and come into it's own till years later. but Sony's VR headset appears to be coming within a year or two but who knows.

kopko3136d ago

Well Cloud is starting to be a serious thing. Looks like Microsoft is really investing a lot of time and money into it. Lets see if it pays off, i hope it will so they can redeem themself.

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