Is Aiden Pearce the most boring character in the history of gaming?

Aiden Pearce is boring, really boring, but is he the most boring character ever?

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F4sterTh4nFTL3128d ago

He also has a face I would want to punch and a very annoying voice.

GarrusVakarian3128d ago

Imagine sitting in a room with Aiden Pearce and Connor from AC3 and being forced to have a conversation with them.

So boring.

liquidhalos3127d ago

LOL Lukas, that was funny. I think id rather watch the QVC channel for a week without sleep than be in that room.

ChronoJoe3128d ago

I wouldn't say he's that boring. At least he doesn't shout stupid memes and sexist remarks all the time. Duke Nukem is a much more boring character.

I personally didn't find Aiden that bad. I did like that he wasn't a character with a black and white sense of morality or clearcut personality. In most games you're either a blatant criminal, or the games savior, in Watch Dogs it's very ambiguous and interpretive.

Perhaps it's my psychologist background that makes it more entertaining for me, but I really don't like characters that offer everything up. I'd rather infer a characters personality, and underlying motivations, than be pandered to. It's almost patronizing when characters like Delsin Rowe feel they have to make sarcastic remarks every 30 seconds, I mean I get it you're 'edgy' and kind of an ass. But it's almost boring when you can anticipate every response of the character you're playing.

Not that Aiden was the best written character, but he wasn't all that bad either. I liked moments where he threatened Clara, to analyse her response. As an interaction, the underlying motivations of Aiden's actions there have much more depth than anything from the protagonists like Assassins Creed, or Infamous.

DasTier3128d ago

Sod that, just because you have masculinity insecurities doesn't mean that classic Duke isn't and awesome character.

Even though he recently starred in that god awful DN:F, Duke is still right up their with Doom Guy, Master Chief and Gordan Freeman on the Mount Rushmore of FPS Gaming.

cogniveritas3127d ago

I wouldn't call Aiden morally ambiguous. He's like most other sociopathic protagonists. He doesn't really acknowledge the bad things he does as being all that bad. He lives off of stealing from other people's bank accounts just because they leave themselves vulnerable. Many of his actions are criminal, even if he is out for revenge and to protect his family, it is without regard for anyone else. As a lawbreaker, the game does give you the choice to at least be helpful to some innocents and the police's job occasionally.

With that said, he was alright as a game character. Nothing spectacular and he seemed like just another everyday guy who is doing what he has to do. Also, he has a pretty intimidating stature compared to many people he faces down.

bixxel3126d ago

True.He's a grey area kind of guy.A conflict between right and wrong for the just causes is what drives him and that intrigues me.Reminds me of Breaking Bad and Dexter.

Magicite3127d ago

Probably you wont believe it, but there are more generic protagonists.

3-4-53127d ago

How can we have THIS MUCH TECH, and THIS MUCH MONEY, & still we can't create characters as interesting as were on the SNES.

* I wonder what the correlation between the two is?

O I know!

Emphasis on graphics has taken away from making memorable stories & characters that we actually care about.

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Batzi3128d ago

Does he talk? Yes. Then he's less boring than Gordon Freeman.

papashango3127d ago

his voice alone makes him more boring than Gordon Freeman.

at least with Freeman you can sit there wondering what he's thinking.

liquidhalos3127d ago

Yeah totally, with Freeman i think the gamer is meant to be his voice. You get to make up your own silly one liners to complement your gaming badassery

Grave3128d ago

Yes. I think the funniest comment I've seen about this was that Rock Simulator 2014 was Aiden Pierce's origin story.

redknight803128d ago

muwhahaha that is brilliant :D

snookiegamer3128d ago

Yup, Aiden is a super borefest!

I've seen more personality in a bag of Doritos

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