An Alternative Take on The Last of Us


I bought The Last of Us a few weeks after its launch, but it laid trapped, Han Solo-like, in its cellophane, as I ignored it in favour of surfing the internet and pursuing my obsessive affair with Netflix. “You’ve got to play it,” my younger brother would insist. “It’s the greatest game I’ve ever played.”

So I finally relented. The short version is, I really liked it, but didnt think it was the second coming, like many. I mentioned this to some friends and my fanatical brother – they seemed to think I’d missed something, or played the wrong game, or was just incapable of human emotion.

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showtimefolks3134d ago

everyone has a right to have their own opinion/taste in games. To me its the best game of past Generation and before than it was MGS3

I don't mind when people say it isn't the best gamne, but i do have an issue when they nitpick or complain about stuff without playing the game. Majority of the hate TLOU gets is because it won so many GOTY awards, a lot of people who hate, have never played the game

I am just amazed how ND were able to get so much out of the ps3 with TLOU, than i was even more amazed at how much R* were able to get out of ps3/xbox360 with GTA5

nucky643134d ago

I haven't played LoU yet (going to when it comes out on ps4)however - my favorite 2 games (can't decide between the 2 which I liked more) of ps3 days are demon souls and uncharted1. I saw some footage of LoU on youtube and reason I never bought the game is the ememy AI looked laughable. I had a chance to pick up the ps4 version for free so i'll be giving it a go - everything about the game looks outstanding from footage I've seen...except the AI. hopefully it (AI) isn't as bad as it looked on youtube gameplay.

btw - I thought MGS3 was awesome too!

Kane223134d ago

what was wrong with the AI. is cause they purposely ignored ellie? there are reason for that.

nucky643134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

It was more the human enemies - one scene showed human enemies being shot - but the guy next to the guy who was shot didn't seem to notice anyone was shooting....even though his buddies were lying on the ground - maybe it was a glitch(fingers crossed!) btw - I understand why ellie was ignored, but it did kind of seem odd in the gameplay I watched.
anyway - I'm looking forward to playing the game.

edit - to everyone...I haven't played the game yet. but, in youtube gameplay vids, the AI seemed weak - I'm sure it's tougher when playing the game....don't everyone come unglued over this.

fenome3134d ago

You aren't gonna be thinking the enemy AI is laughable the first time a Clicker grabs a hold of you. lol

generic-user-name3134d ago

Never heard a complaint about enemy AI other than the fact that they can't see your companions.

Alinea3134d ago

It bored me playing the game, though, the character development was great. Other than that its a 6/10 for me

limited gameplay interaction, linear objectives, the only threat being clickers, I just... didnt like it.

generic-user-name3134d ago

I always found humans to be the bigger threat.

generic-user-name3134d ago

Why are all the "the"s on that article enlarged? It's weird.

Squeaky_door3134d ago

Can't wait to relive this masterpiece on ps4 in a few weeks. Watch out for molotovs and shivs ;-)

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