The Binding of Isaac Rebirth’s New Title Screen Track and In-Game Menu’s Teased

Junkie Monkeys: Indie developer Edmund McMillen recently posted the latest update for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This update includes a teaser for the game’s new title screen track, dubbed “Genesis″, as well as a look at the new updated menu’s.

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Treezy5043134d ago

Sounds good, can't wait to play on PS4!

XtraTrstrL3134d ago

Been waiting for any more PS4 news. I haven't played much of it on Steam since the last updates that added new stages, so it'll still be fresh along with all the stuff added to Rebirth. From what I recall, it's suppose to be a PS+ monthly game when it releases. I thought Secret Ponchos was suppose to be almost finished also, expecting that in less than a month or 2 I'd say.