Microsoft Gifting Xbox 360 Owners $75 With the Purchase of an Xbox One

Looks like Microsoft decided that a number of Xbox 360 owners require some nudging in order to upgrade to the Xbox One, so they’re sending a promotion that gifts them with a $75 promotional code if they purchase an Xbox One or Xbox one Bundle.

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@Doge, you can't be serious...

Anyways: I already see the XOne with too much negativity due to Microsoft's shady business practices. I know they reversed the DRM a long time ago and all that, but it still leaves a very sour taste in my mouth due to their initial intentions. I don't know if I can trust them until the next generation of consoles. They completely lost my trust this generation. $75 means nothing to me at this point.

The WiiU on the other hand...Yea, I think I'll spend my money on that instead. Even thought Nintendo had a terrible first 2 years, I strongly think that this hardship will motivate them to bring out even more exclusives. It'll be like Sony's PS3 situation all over again

JBSleek3136d ago

People usually have short attention spans and tend to lose interest very quickly in things. That goes way beyond gaming though into real world.

I remember when people went crazy for shit that actually mattered like Kony 2012 and then that quickly gets forgotten. If you make a product people want they will buy it.

Sure not everyone like yourself but many people simply don't know what DRM even stands for.

TankCrossing3136d ago

Disagree! You insult the intelligence of us gamers!

Everyone knows DRM stands for... Draconian... Rampaging ... Microsoft.

mikeslemonade3136d ago

They should give incentive to PS3 owners. Looking to get rid of my PS3 for the a X1.

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Ill take ur ps3.

Edit: actually there is or maybe was a promotion. I remember seeing poster in front of the Microsoft store. U can trade in ur ps3 for a $100? Maybe $150 towards a purchase of a new box one.

The_Hero3136d ago

Am I the only one who thinks the Xbox One will be half price (250$) by the time it hits the holidays?

The_Hero3136d ago

I know people are saying they're desperate. (And it can be)
But True Desperation will be the day where they give you money if you take the console for free.

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TheSaint3136d ago

MS getting more desperate by the day.

Charybdis3136d ago

yeah its good to see them trying to be competetive

FallenDesigns3136d ago

Honestly i think im one of the few gamers that actually likes DRM well not the part where i cant trade my games the part where everything is digital and i dont have to change Discs. Steam has been doing it for a while and i love it cause DRM allows them to give really good deals.

The point is DRM isn't shady or something completely unacceptable in my opinion, also its nothing new either it been around for a while.

For me all that matters is the games and experiences it has to offer, the slight lower resolutions don't really bother me that much. If i really wanted the best graphics i would just use my computer and honestly for me graphics resolution as long as its over 720p doesn't bother me.

So what i would say to anyone looking to buy a console go buy the one with the games you would want to play and enjoy.

Also I'd that like to add that i believe Sony and Microsoft are all in it for the money. There is no better company in my eyes it's just business.

Well this is all my beliefs and opinions i hope you guys can respect it as i respect your opinions and beliefs.

k3rn3ll3136d ago

See this is the thing, they never a aid you couldn't teade games. What they said was that traded in or traded to friends would require a fee tore license the game. $10 is what was being tossed around. The whole purpose being so developers and publishers could still get paid for there work. Now thos said this wouldnt have been done without alot of backing from the major publishers. Which is why people within the industry felt that Sony would have had to been part of the same push by publishers but changed the policy at the last minute after the negative press. This was already being done by ea but they came out and changed in the following weeks as well. Personally I have no problem with people getting paid for their hard work. Especially some of my favorite devs that I try to support. But dont act as if this was all MS doing because it wasnt. Especially since they only publish a few games a year compared to ubi and EA.

zsquaresoff3136d ago

Gifting? More like begging them to switch to the Xbone.

xDHAV0K24x3136d ago

damned if they do. damned if they don't.

tgunzz3136d ago

Good job... MS put themselves in the hole, and they should be willing to do what it will take to get out. I have quite a few friends who have purchased, and plan on purchasing the xb1 because of the changes, and efforts taking place...

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