Gears of War on PC?

In its holiday issue, soon to be on store shelves, PC Gamer may have inadvertently announced Gears of War for Windows. On page 28 of the Holiday 2006 issue, a display stand photographed on the Microsoft campus shows Gears of War among several upcoming PC games.

Microsoft could not confirm that Gears is in fact coming to PC and the company has no current plans for an announcement in the near future. The article in PC Gamer discusses the future of Windows Vista and Microsoft's efforts to support the new OS with high-profile games.

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THWIP4448d ago

...not that anyone should be surprised. My buddy Bill Greene, who works for Epic and was one of the artists on Gears, told me this about a month ago.
He also confirmed that UT2007 was coming to 360 and PC as any intelligent person already knew it would. ;)

Nodoze4448d ago

Interesting. I really wish MS would concentrate on TRUE exclusives though. This means that any PS3 fan would be able to get their hands on our beloved Gears.

Not a smart business move if you ask me.

You don't see God of War on the PC now do you??

Grown Folks Talk4448d ago

playstation games do you see on the pc? you'll see alot of ps3 games there. who cares? i'd rather be able to spend my $400 on my 360 and then just have to buy games, rather than spending hundreds + every year to upgrade my computer.

THWIP4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

MS IS the PC market...they're promoting 'Games for Windows' as heavily as they are the 360; the 2 together are a fantastic 1-2 punch for them. Sony doesn't HAVE that advantage. Sure you won't see any Sony exclusives coming to PC, because that would mean MS would get a little piece of the action....and Sony is too proud to let that happen.
Fact is, MS has a HUGE upperhand on Sony and Nintendo, when you factor in the PC market. When you look at a game like Crysis...that every console owner wants for their 360 or PS3...MS has bragging rights REGARDLESS of whether or not it ever reaches consoles.
THAT is why MS is finally getting all the quality new "exclusives", while Sony only has the same tired franchises it's had for years; most of the exclusive games they have coming to the 360, will also be coming for Vista (NOT Windows XP, mind you). They can tell developers "Hey, we not only have a huge lead on Sony in the console market, but we can also offer you the PC market as well...which they can't". What that means is, if you want to play those games, you'll either be forking out cash for Vista and/or a Vista PC...or you'll buy a 360.
Not a smart business move? You might want to think on that for a few minutes. ;)

Rooted_Dust4448d ago

Adventure games don't translate well on a PC, but for first and third person shooters a keyboard and a mouse are the best thing ever.

The_Firestarter4448d ago

You're such an extreme fanboy! Who cares if the Ps3 fanboy "get their hands on our beloved Gears".
Shouldn't you be happy!? WTF! Then they can "JUMP IN" idk.

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Arkham4448d ago

Good job! Can't wait to play this one on my PCs.

Silver Bull3t4448d ago

M$ needs to stop this sh!T IMMEDIATELY.... I don't want to see all the killer 360 apps ported to the PC. I don't care how bad they're trying to push VISTA!!!

(of course it would look insane if enhanced for DX10!!!)

THWIP4448d ago

1.) Why do you care if someone else gets to play this, or any other game for that matter?

2.) How do you think this hurts MS, or helps Sony....or affects anything other than the PC community?

This is simply a reversal of the days prior to the XBOX, when the PC got all the great games, either exclusively, or LOOOONG before they were ever ported to a a much lesser form. MS has to keep the Windows Gaming monster fed, but this has ZERO impact on their console strategy. Read my earlier's all good. ;)

Silver Bull3t4448d ago

Ever hear of an opinion jackasss?

Making all your system-selling content available on other platforms(PC in this case) doesn't seem wise to me... what's so hard to understand about this?

THWIP4448d ago just doesn't make sense. :o

The thing is, MS understands that there's largely a sharp division between console and PC gamers...always has been, always will be. Sure, there are some who've crossed over, and certainly there's many who like both. But, for the most part, PC gamers are a cliquish bunch, who frown on console games/gamers, and love that mouse-n-keyboard more than their own mothers. Basically, MS is catering to 2 different parties:

1.) Console gamers, who understand they may sacrifice a bit in the framerate and graphics department with some games, compared to PC rigs...but the price differential will make it worthwhile

2.) PC gamers who are used to having to upgrade their rigs every 2-3 years, just to keep up with the industry...and actually take PRIDE in how much $$ they've thrown/will throw at their box, just to play their games.

A very small percentage of people can/will do both...which is exactly why the console market has exploded in the past decade. Either way though, MS gets a piece of the action.

What's so hard to understand about THAT?

Rooted_Dust4448d ago

I think this can only help Sony. Why would any PC players buy X-Box 360 to play games that they can play better on PC. So PC players looking for different games really only have to choose between Sony and Nintendo.

THWIP4448d ago

Read my earlier posts on this. If you can't understand that this is a win-win situation for MS, then you are seriously lacking in the common sense department. 0_o

Rooted_Dust4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Im not debating the fact that MS will make profit, but they are also pushing PC-Gamers towards other console systems. I really don't care if MS is making a larger profit. I care about the profit to myself. As a PC owner and a PS3 owner I can have the most diverse library of games

Silver Bull3t4448d ago

Who cares if this is good for M$?... I know that as a 360 owner I don't want all the good 360 titles available on PC. I want to have some content EXCLUSIVE to the $400 console I invested in, otherwise I woulda just beefed up my PC and not bought a console to begin with.

It's not about if it's good for M$ or Sony or whoever... it's about do I feel like I'm getting a "special" experience out of my hardware. If titles get continuously ported to the PC and sold for $10 cheaper, then the answer is no.

Does this help you THWIP?

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