Has PlayStation Plus On The PS4 Been Worth It?

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"I was one of the many people who jumped over to the PlayStation ecosystem when the PlayStation 4 was released and of course, I bought a 12 month subscription to gain access to PlayStation Plus. The question I've discussed with many people is if PlayStation Plus' Instant Game Collection has lived up to its price tag and help make the experience worthwhile."

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Starbucks_Fan3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

If you own multiple Playstation systems then yes. So many free games.

NinjaRichParty3137d ago

I started out with just the PS4, but after amassing quite a few Vita games, I picked one up. Having two systems benefiting from PS+ is one hell of a deal!

Prime1573136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Yeah, my vita is hella-full because of ps+. I'm loving mercenary kings, pixel junk, and a huge fan of Resogun...

I very much share similar sentiments with the author... Oh, and don't starve stole much of my time.

Edit: I agree with Starbucks too... having ps3/4/v has been so many great games for only $50... AND if you don't have those systems, you can still claim them via the website or phone app!

choujij3136d ago

Yeah, I'm using it on all 3 and I'm loving it. Such great value.

VforVideogames3136d ago

Isn't the Vita dead? its just a question since walmart and big retailers don't sell it anymore.

bouzebbal3136d ago

i love those click bait troll articles complaining about anything because they have nothing else to claim.
PS4 just came out, how in hell can they already offer AAA games every month?

rawz3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Yet another one complaining about PS+ on PS4. WHAT ABOUT THE ABILITY TO PLAY ONLINE?

You can't put a price tag just based on the free games. If you ask me, it is still worth it if you only have a PS4. PS3 and Vita just add more value.

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Flutterby3136d ago

I think it has been worth every cent and I have just a ps4 I love pretty much every game I have gotten so far

Dir_en_grey3136d ago

Even if it's just PS4, I've got all these free games from the very beginning that I still can't get around to even play them yet.

Very worth it especially if people grabbed a year of PS+ card on sale.

showtimefolks3136d ago

right now psn-plus or xblive gold for games isn't worth only on next gen consoles. But if you do own ps3 or xbox360 along with xbox one and or ps4 than its worth it

but that is to be expected with new consoles. I think come this fall we will get some blockbuster games on psn-plus and xblive like killzone,dead rising 3 etc,

admiralvic3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

"right now psn-plus or xblive gold for games isn't worth only on next gen consoles."

Honestly, this is too subjective of a question for anyone to really comment on and really needs some defining to give the question some level of validity in the first place.

For instance, how would you define "worth it?" For me, I would consider something "worth it" the second that it pays for itself, since it's hard to say PlayStation Plus is a waste of money if you save more than you paid for the program. Now heres where things get tricky and really subjective. I like many people bought at least 1 year of PlayStation Plus for $30 ( ), so to break even / for it to be "worth it," all I would need is approximately 2-3 games. Having originally played to buy Mercenary Kings (this game retails for $20), that means that even if I haven't got another game on the PS4 I wanted, I would still only need to save $10 by November / December to hit that "worth it" point and that by no means is an impossible task.

Naturally everyone is going to be a little different, but I don't think you absolutely need the other platforms in order to get your value out of Plus or for that matter GwG (though it certainly makes the choice easier / more fruitful).

fenome3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

A games value is subjective for each person playing, everybody has different preferences. When it comes down to straight dollar for dollar though, you can't argue with it:

Resogun $9.99
Outlast $19.99
Don't Starve $14.99
Mercenary Kings $19.99
Stick it to the man $9.99
Towerfall Ascension $14.99
Contrast $14.99
PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate $14.99
Trine 2 $19.99

Look it up, these are the real prices on PSN right now as I write this.

That's already like $140 worth of content for $50 (whether you enjoy it or not is your thing) and the year is only half over. That's just on the PS4, this doesn't even touch on what's on the PS3 or Vita on top of it. Of course they're all small titles at this point, the console just came out. Over time though, they'll start rolling out bigger titles as well. Dollar for dollar it's worth it any way you look at it though..

MAULxx3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I agree with you that it probably hasn't been worth it for PS4 only. Not so far anyway. I think it will add up throughout this year and will become "worth it". Now if you own a PS3 then it was definately worth it. I've got so many great games on my PS3 from PS+.
I even que up all the Vita games even though I don't own a Vita yet. You never know what the future holds :)
PS4 is still new. The best value for PS+ is in owning a PS3 as well &/or a VITA at the moment.

GameSpawn3136d ago

"That's already like $140 worth of content for $50 (whether you enjoy it or not is your thing) and the year is only half over. That's just on the PS4, this doesn't even touch on what's on the PS3 or Vita on top of it. Of course they're all small titles at this point, the console just came out. Over time though, they'll start rolling out bigger titles as well. Dollar for dollar it's worth it any way you look at it though.. "

I would also like to be quick to help defend you against the argument "but I don't like any of those games and will never play them".

To people with this mentality:
IT IS A FREE G^&D^&* GAME. There is no reason whatsoever to not claim the game, download it, and at least play it for 30 minutes.

There have been many games that I would never even consider spending money to get that I've gotten via PS+ and actually ended up really enjoying - the latest being Stick It to the Man. I have made my PS+ subscription cost back 10 fold by owning a PS3, PS4, and Vita - even if you only own one system you'll at least break even on the games alone for one system - not including the additional PS+ discounts on Sale games, early beta accesses, and synchronous online multiplayer for PS4.

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kratoz12093136d ago

Agreed also outlast, towerfall ascension and resogun have been awesome additionS to my library

SirDjss3136d ago

The games arent free man. Sony only names it free becouse people love the actual word.
You are only borrowing the games as long as you are subscribing to the crappy playstation plus.

With this playstation plus crap, they want to take your money for someting that is free, yes i do mean online gameplay. This is one of the reasons i buy all of my multiplat games on Pc instead of my ps4.

So can people please stop making the playstation plus as something positive, that makes you look dumb and all the sony executives are laughing at you when you just give them your money.

KinjoTakemura3136d ago

You're an angry fella, aren't you? I'm going to continue to enjoy all the "not so free" titles that i'm able to play each month and i'm going to continue to enjoy the automatic saved data uploads to the PS cloud on the crappy Playstation network because I want to.

kingPoS3136d ago

Here's thing... I pay Sony $50 a year, and they offer me services and six game titles on three platforms every month. That sir (or lady) sounds like it a beneficial subscription model to me. Have you never subscribed Netflix before? PS+ is similar enough, if you stop paying, you stop watching. Do you not know that or does that make Netflix 'crappy' as well.

I've got to say, It's amazing what the word 'free' can do in the world advertizing. Likewise, I've been gladly paying for the 'services' of PS+ since 2010 so of course I've long known the games were part of the deal.

Does that the fact the Sony with PS+ and now MS with games with gold are benefiting console gamers frustrate you? I wouldn't nag you over paying for a thousand/s dollar pc rig, then again, maybe that's what you want. You want complain, fine, but don't call someone dumb for chosing a service you obviously scorn because you think it's crap. Your opinion is subjective not a fact.

Gateway MT6706 2008

SirDjss3136d ago

Oh and for the people that want to answer to my post, please make it possible for me to answer. ,It makes you a coward If you wont allow me to answer you. So please stop waisting your time answer my post.

ramiuk13136d ago

i got my yearly sub for £25 and i think its totally worth it even just for ps4 content.
strider,tower,merc kings and the awesome Resogun are worth the cost alone,i have still added the ps3 games and vita so they are all there ready for when i get a ps3 and vita too.

Its a great thing and people should get of there backs about all indie so far on ps4,big games will come.

liquidhalos3136d ago

I only own the ps4, so for me, no, I think it's been a complete rip.

lelo3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

"Has PlayStation Plus On The PS4 Been Worth It?"

Absolutely not! 50€ a year for a few indie games is a bad deal.

If you own a PS3/Vita, then PS+ is worth it. If you only own a PS4, then PS+ hasn't been worth it until now. I hope they improve their PS4 offerings in the near future.

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BitbyDeath3137d ago

I'd previously bought both the PS2 and PS3 systems at launch.
PS+ has made the PS4 launch period experience way better than the others due to providing a ton of games to play whilst waiting for the heavy hitters.

oODEADPOOLOo3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Well if you had multiple systems than yea, but I only had PS4 so it hasnt been that great of a deal for me, only indie games i've had fun with where outlast and dead nation. Only been using online for BF4 and recently some watchdogs here and there.

liquidhalos3136d ago

I'm in the same boat. What's your psn? I'll catch you on bf4

GeofferyPeterson3137d ago

Paid $30 for a year and have amassed over 20 games so Far this year so I'd say yeeeah.

NinjaRichParty3137d ago

Oh wow. That's a hell of a deal for a whole year. Wish I could have found that deal. Haha.

Snookies123136d ago

Usually during Black Friday you can find PS+ cards for $30 bucks. I got mine for $30 as well last year, and plan to get another year come next Black Frday.

Kingthrash3603136d ago

Same here...GameStop had them in my area....worth every penny.

ramiuk13136d ago

always going in UK for around £25 which is about $35us ?