The BS “Nintendo Doesn’t Make New IP’s” Narrative Needs To stop


I keep hearing the narrative that Nintendo does not make any new IP’ often, and it really baffles me, how individuals can honestly believe what is coming out of their mouths. Frankly, I’ve had enough! I will once and for all dispel the BS narrative that Nintendo doesn’t make any new IP’s.

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randomass1713126d ago

They've made a number of new IPs especially in this generation, but people seem to gloss over them and ignore their existence. Makes you wonder why Nintendo focuses so much on their bigger, money making franchises.

The_Hero3125d ago

There are some new IPs, but no other consoles makes more new IP than PlayStation.
It's not an opinion, it's a fact.

randomass1713125d ago

I completely agree. Sony produces new IPs all the time, but this isn't a question of who has the most. This is a question of whether or not Nintendo makes new IPs at all, and the thing is they actually do. Considerably more often than Microsoft even I would say.

PSNintyGamer3125d ago

And this is relevant how? We're talking about Nintendo's problem here.

BlackWolf3125d ago

So... what's your point, exactly?

UltimateMaster3125d ago

Well, you pretty much said that the lack of new IP is an issue.

But compared to what? Xbox? PS? Third-Party?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3125d ago

because Sony discards them every new generation and current ones that been around more than 2 gens get rehashed with collections over and over.

BlackWolf3125d ago


While I know more new IP launch on Sony and Microsoft more often than Nintendo, I wonder what's the need to compare here. The issue at hand is that people claim Nintendo does not make new IP, when in fact they do. That's why I don't find any point on you remarking that.

kreate3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I saw the list and i have to say a lot of those new ips are not made by nintendo.

Not sure about the ones from the 80's or 90's.

But the ones from 2000's and up.

fatneal3125d ago

i agree sony makes new ips but how many of them survive?...theres a difference between first party new ips and 3rd party new ips thats exclusive to a console

stragomccloud3125d ago

Of course it's a fact. But really Sony has to make new IPs, because they've never really been very good at maintaining them. This is not a criticism. Just an observation. Personally I think it keeps things interesting.

thehobbyist3125d ago

And more IPs die on PlayStation than any other platform!
Crash, Jak, MediEvil protagonist. I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU! *Manly tear*

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headwing453125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I'm sorry, but Nintendo barely makes new IP's. The only two on the Wii U are Splatoon and Devil's Third, and there not even released let alone being the only two original IP's on the Wii U (outside wonderful 101), everything else is sequels, some even reaching the double digits (Mario Party 10).

I mean, look at this chart of Wii U games:

ALL SEQUELS! What people actually need to stop doing is praising Nintendo for something they are not doing. People are acting like Nintendo can do whatever they want and Nintendo will still be successful. I say this as a guy who doesn't want Nintendo to fail and (believe it or not) a Nintendo fan.

Metallox3125d ago

So do you want Nintendo to fail? Even if they're still making excellent games despite their lack of building more appealing IP's? Huuuuuge disagree there.

headwing453125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I don't want Nintendo to fail, which is why I write comments like these. I know Nintendo is very talented, but there also stubborn, that's why the Wii U in lagging is sales. It's fine if they make great sequels, I don't think they should stop doing that, but they need originality too. They barely have a 3rd party market and they don't make original IP's, which pretty much alienates everyone who doesn't like Mario and other Nintendo games.

randomass1713125d ago

Disney Infinity and ZombiU are not sequels, Lego City Undercover was the first original Lego game and so on. Every platform is riddled with sequels and that's not really a bad thing. When PS4 launched, many of its games were sequels as well. However Sony DID produce Knack and they advertised the indie title Octodad. Microsoft had Ryse and Titanfall, and that was it. Also sequels tend to make more money, so you will see many publishers do them if they continue to be successful. They're actually making two new IPs and one is on each of their platforms. Splatoon is coming to Wii U and S.T.E.A.M. is coming to 3DS. :)

jcnba283125d ago

A lot of Nintendo fans including myself don't care about new IPs, we'd rather Nintendo continue their existing IPs or bring back their old IPs that haven't been touched in years i.e. 1080 snowboarding, Wave Race, Eternal Darkness etc. Why is it so hard for you people to understand that?

headwing453125d ago


Disney Infinity and ZombiU are not Nintendo IP's, Disney Infinity isn't even exclusive to Wii U... these are not game's I would buy a Wii U for. I'm talking about Original IP's with the same caliber as something like a Zelda and Mario, something that is critically acclaimed.

The PS4 hasn't been out half as long as the Wii U, and by the time it is, it will have games like The Order, Driveclub and Bloodborne. Sony doesn't really have this problem.

I'm not saying Sequels are bad, I understand they generate alot of money, but when the Wii U sales are rivalling the Dreamcast sales, that's a red flag. I know you care about Nintendo, but if you really did, you would try to help them be the best system they can be.

Also I'm aware the 3DS has games, the 3DS is killing it in the portable market.

headwing453125d ago


They aren't even making the games you mentioned, they keep making the same generic stuff they've been making FOR YEARS. I wouldn't mind a Donkey Kong game with the same level design as the one in 64, but instead we got a Donkey Kong sequel of... a remake... -_-

Look, I understand people buy the Wii U for Zelda and Mario, but right now, people aren't buying the Wii U, and that's the problem.

lilbroRx3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Thats a lie..

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Wonderful 101
Fantasy Life
Xenoblade X
Code Name S.T.E.A.M.
Project Giant Robot
Project Guard
Nintendo Land
The Denpa Men
Dillon's Rolling Western
Steel Diver
Rusty's Real Deal Baseball

15 New I.P.s in 2 years(Thats not all of them, but those are the only ones I can name off the top of my head).

None of those are sequels and all are from this gen. Your comment is a load of crap, but what more can you expect from Nintendo haters.

headwing453125d ago



In all honesty, I said Wii U, not 3DS, I'm aware the 3DS is Nintendo's cash cow, I'm also aware there are very few original IP's on Wii U. Please actually read my comment next time -_-

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

8th gen Nintendo New IP 3DS & Wii U:
Steel Diver
Dillon Rolling Western
The Wonderful 101
Codename S.T.E.A.M
Nintendo Land
SiNG Party
Style Savvy
The Denpa Men
Rusty's Real Deal Baseball
The Denpa Men

7th Gen New IP DS & Wii:
Xenoblade Chronicles
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Disaster Day of Crisis
Endless Ocean
Rhythm Heaven
Captain Rainbow
Hotel Dusk
Elite Beat Agent
Tomodachi Life

off the top of my hand

Xenoblade Chronicles X is part of Xenoblade Chronicles series so that 7th gen IP. Project Guard and Giant Robo are mostly apart of Star Fox Wii U.

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3-4-53125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I remember when New IP's were something to get excited about. Seems Nintendo still somewhat gets that.

* A lot of the "New IP's" for PS4 & XB1 seem....kind of the same as last gen really. There are some cool games I can't wait to play, but it just feels like more of the same...EXCEPT for what Nintendo is doing kind of.

dcj05243125d ago

Destiny, bloodbourne and Rime seem cool.

3-4-53125d ago

Yes I actually can't wait to play all those + 1886.

I like what Sony is doing on the PS4, but I also see some of the same still.

I wish larger studios would take what they are doing, but maybe embrace some more colorful art styles or something, because last gen had way too much of the same. Too many generic games on ALL consoles.

pcz3125d ago

nintendo are having an identity crisis.

their new games clearly demonstrate this.

that horrible squid game is possibly the worst nintendo game i have seen in a long time, in fact it doesnt even look like a nintendo game. it looks like something sega would make. in fact, not even sega, because sega would give it character.

as for listing nintendo's second party titles as 'new IPS' ... thats cheating. they arent really nintendo games, nintendo merely own them, they are nintendo's property.

its a bit like somebody commissioning an artist to make a painting, and then claiming they are the creator when the painting is finished.. ie stop giving credit to nintendo when it is not theirs to claim!!!!! monolith are making xenoblade, not nintendo!

TekoIie3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )


"as for listing nintendo's second party titles as 'new IPS' ... thats cheating. they arent really nintendo games, nintendo merely own them, they are nintendo's property."

"its a bit like somebody commissioning an artist to make a painting, and then claiming they are the creator when the painting is finished.. ie stop giving credit to nintendo when it is not theirs to claim!!!!! monolith are making xenoblade, not nintendo!"

Yes what a brilliant analogy. Of course you screwed up at the part where Nintendo actually owns Monolith Soft... Which makes them a Nintendo company...

You sure showed everyone who knows their stuff/s

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dumahim3125d ago

How many of those did Nintendo develop, not publish?
Also, most of them don't seem to have been over 80 on Metacritic, which is part of the argument he's attempting to "shut down."

dcj05243125d ago

And? What's wrong with below 80? As long as it's not below 65 it seems fine. It every game will be great! (80) but they can be good (70-80).

HeavenlySnipes3125d ago

Having a long list of below mediocre games isn't going to impress anyone. Its not just making loads of new smaller titles for your handhelds plus a few for your home consoles but having them actually be worth the money

Might be ignorance on my part but apart from The Last Story and Xenoblade, there hasn't been a really worth while new Nintendo experience on their consoles in years

dumahim3125d ago


What do you mean, and? I made it pretty clear.

“Nintendo fans bother me because they are blind (or just don’t care) to the fact their company hasn’t developed a new IP with an 80+ metascore in the past 11 years."
"Frankly, it is quite easy to shut down the whole notion."

He isn't shutting anything down if they're not developed by Nintendo and don't have a metascore over 80.

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DryBoneKoopa853125d ago

Good article Mii-Gamer!

I didn't see it mentioned but isn't Advance Wars for the GBA a new IP from Nintendo as well? Could be wrong but just wanted to throw that one out their if it was.

BlackWolf3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Actually, it isn't. It's part of the Wars series, which started with Famincom Wars, back in 1988. Technically, it's a subseries, like Battalion Wars, but it started (obviously) on the GBA.

EDIT: Always glad to help!

DryBoneKoopa853125d ago

Good to know! Thanks for clearing that up for me Blackwolf. :)

NextLevel3125d ago

Yes, Nintendo makes new IPs. What do you think Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Paint, Mario Baseball, Mario Tennis and Mario Golf are?

Chrischi19883125d ago

You sound like you got a problem with Nintendo giving their flavour to many sports. Mario is Nintendos main mascot, it would be dumb to not use him in such games.

Wii Sports, the most sold game of last generation, was a new IP, but ignore these facts.

macethedon3125d ago

Except Wii Sports was bundled with practically every Wii ever.

paulcek3125d ago


Except why did so many people buy the wii? Because of wii sports.

deafdani3125d ago

Actually, sarcasm aside... yes, those games you listed are, indeed, separate IPs. They just happen to be under the same universe.

Joke's on you, pal.

ThePsychoGamer3125d ago

No, I believe the joke is on the delsuinal fanboy who is trying to pass spin offs as new IPs.

lilbroRx3125d ago

Trolling at its finest.

Nintendo haters can't seem to sand the fact that Nintendo has the most popular company mascot in the world.

Though those are all, in fact, different franchises.

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MultiConsoleGamer3125d ago

The same people pushing this fanboy line are also ignoring the glut of annualized rehash games on their own favorite systems.

IcicleTrepan3125d ago

The problem Nintendo currently has is very few IPs on the Wii U, and very few games from 3rd parties also on Wii U.

The problem is with Nintendo and the Wii U. They do have a lot of IPs on various other systems past and present, but NOT the Wii U.

I own all of the consoles and this statement is not biased in any way. The system is a year older than the other systems and the newer ones are catching up and surpassing Nintendo very quickly.

In my case, I have the other consoles, I have very few reasons to buy a multiplat game for Wii U. The only one I did buy for it was Rayman Legends because of the gamepad, but most multiplats will likely not even use it.

GordonKnight3125d ago

i'm in the same boat as you with all three consoles. They do need new IPs, but they need to work on current ones first as they come out slowly. As for multiplats: why would Nintendo fans buy the worst version of a game when quality is so important to them?

I want a new Metroid and Starfox before new IPs.

InTheLab3125d ago

For example? Because that stuff is also on Nintendo consoles.

dumahim3125d ago

Other than sports games, I can think of Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.
Not sure if Forza should be counted since Horizon is different from the main games and done by a different developer.

KonsoruMasuta3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Yeah, I still see comments claiming Nintendo doesn't have any new IPs. It's like these people are living under a rock.

macethedon3125d ago

Splatoon isn't exactly a console seller.

NihonjinChick3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

It doesn't matter if it's a console seller or not. That has nothing to do with the article.

Splatoon is a new IP, something people keep claiming Nintendo hasn't made in years. The article actually proves that wrong. Maybe you should take the time to actually read it, huh?