Warframe On PS4 Receives Update 13.7

Hardcore Gamer: "While the PS4 version is a little behind its PC big brother, that doesn’t mean we’re waiting forever to get the patches. Today, Warframe has received a hefty update for 13.7, adding various new weapons, Tower 4 Void missions, and Prime classes for Loki, Wyrm and the melee weapon Bo. There are also various fixes to the original game, not to mention slight changes and re-balancing to combat."

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ValKilmer3137d ago

Glad to see the game still getting some love! One of the best online games available.

isarai3136d ago

Gotta admit my first couple hours of the game had me convinced it was boring and shallow, then once you get past the first planet and get to understand the mods it became one of my favorite games this year, pretty much my no.1 game on PS4 so far in terms of lasting appeal

Master-Chief3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I played this game for 500 hours. Now I can't bring myself to play it again.

It's like I just lost all interest in it overnight, or something, and I have no idea why.

I loved it up until that point.


you are suffering from over exposure to "The Grind".

It's not just any old grind, it's the warframe grind.

I know because I have also gone through the same thing.

you spend a few days, days turn into weeks sometimes, trying to farm and farm and farm till you get the new mod or prime part..

eventually you hit that point and you ask yourself "what am I getting for all this?" "what is the purpose?"

Then they release some new weapon or prime and it's back to it again... you keep on grinding..

then one day you do a T3 survival and you go for 60 min. At the 60 min mark you get.... wait for it..... A FORMA BLUEPRINT or you get your 5th MAG PRIME BP.

That's it, you snap!!

alexg5873136d ago

Lol good times... or bad

iceman063136d ago

You have OGS...Over Grind Syndrome. It is characterized by the lack of desire to repeat things over and over again for a mere CHANCE of getting what you desire. Lacking the desire to go one more wave or another 5 min. on the off chance that the magic mod/part appears on the screen. We've all been there...with these "grinding" styled games. This coming from someone that probably has over 350-400 hrs. in. I had to take a break about a month ago because I just couldn't take it anymore. Then, just like I lost interest, they dangled another carrot and I was back in. The addition of melee 2.0 gave me a renewed grind, that for some reason, seemed to matter to me. Now, it's on to the new update and Loki Prime...damn you DE...damn you to hell!!! LOL

corroios3136d ago

Been already doing T4 survival missons (30 to 40m). Very cool. New Boss, weapons. Very good game. Need tons of fusion cores!!! dammit, cant find enough.