More Chromehounds Screenshot

Developed by Tokyo-based FROM software, Chromehounds offers an intense, photo realistic look at war from the cockpits of colossal metal vehicles. These heavily-armed weapons of war, called HOUNDS, dominate ground battles during warfare in the near-future.

Squads of HOUNDs take to the field in international factions; cooperating with and complementing each other in terms of firepower, range of movement, and abilities. Players will take the role of either a Squad Member or a Tactics Commander, who is responsible for strategically guiding the team to victory with verbal commands on Xbox Live.

Here are some brand new screenshots taken from the latest build of the game.

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USMChardcharger6197d ago

i hope the AI gets improved from an earlier demo that was out.
enemey hounds kept getting stuck on walls and some would not even respond when a fellow mech got destroyed or fired upon less than 20 ft from each other.

shotty6197d ago

I see the added in Deformable terrain and HDR lighting from the last build a few months ago. I hope the demo has these.

USMChardcharger6197d ago

have you heard of a date for the demo?

FamoAmo6197d ago

I hope the Demo is out soon! The game drops in July I think, so the Demo should be soon!! I am basing everything on the Demo so it better be good. This game has hella potential but common Sega don't let me down. I don't think a date was given for the demo!!

Lucidmantra6197d ago

Even with Full Auto we are seeing Sega can be iffy with its games. I hope they pull it together because even though I believe MS could counter with a full Battletech game since they bought FASA studios who i believe still own battletech I would like a ARMORED CORE type mech combater for the 360. Since there seems to be a difference between Japanesse Mech games and the US FASA Battletech.

USMChardcharger6197d ago

yeah fasa still owns battletech and M$ owns them. but from comments made, M$ feels battletech is a money pit.
they lost a lot of money on the last did nothing.
strange, i don't know why.
maybe they should return to the old PC formula...more of a sim back then.
or take what they have learned doing it more arcade style and merg it with the sim style and you have a winner. who knows, but when ever they do something we need to support it so they will keep it going!

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