Greatest Sony Characters

It’s been almost twenty years since Sony launched the original PlayStation into the world and since then, they have not only established themselves as major players in the video game industry, but have also introduced us to compelling characters who have captured the imagination of gamers across the globe. Therefore, to celebrate Sony’s upcoming anniversary, what better time to look at the most memorable characters ever to grace Sony’s consoles.

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Pogmathoin2535d ago

Confirmation that something is seriously wrong..........

crusf2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Ugh... this gif hoarding is the exact reason why I left the cancerous comment sections of IGN. Just a bunch of people making the place look like an image board for upvote whores then a place where actual opinions are made.

Thatguy-3102535d ago

Even though they're old you have to admit that they are funny. However just putting them for the sake of putting it kind of kills it. I love it around the time of press conferences

SonyStyled2535d ago

idk if ign does this, but here at n4g we have the amazing bubble system. read up on how it works if your that fresh from ign

Zero-One2535d ago

Ugh...lighten up you guys. Jeez!

jazzlover5112535d ago

Can someone please tell me? That last gif, what movie is that??

DualWielding2535d ago

You cannot call third party characters Sony characters, or else you have to include characters like Cloud or Aya Brea in the list

Ripsta7th2535d ago

Just because its Sony they won't care. Bet

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Kratos and Sackboy are my favorite. I wonder who would win in a fight ?

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The story is too old to be commented.