The Top Four PlayStation 4 Exclusives Still Set to Release in 2014

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha discusses the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games set to release in 2014's second half.

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Neonridr2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

kinda bad when you have to include a DLC as one of your top 4 exclusives..

That being said, I will definitely want to explore the story of Fetch more.

And do we have a confirmed 2014 release date for Deep Down yet? I don't want to get my hopes up only to see it slip to 2015.

tacotruck2533d ago

Yeah, I have to agree. It's sort of frustrating to think that what is essentially DLC is one of the best looking exclusives, but the fact that it is more of your traditional stand-alone expansions promises that there will be plenty of Fetch to explore.

The_Hero2533d ago

First Light is a stand-alone game as well as it is DLC for Second Son.

You don't need Second Son to play First Light.

Drekken2533d ago

I came here to ask about Deep Down... Where is a 2014 confirmation?

Also - There are plenty of games coming to the PS4 by the end of the year. I will be so busy with Destiny for months, I really don't care what else is releasing. That being said - 2015 is starting strong and it doesn't look like it will let up.

The_Hero2533d ago

The beta is to come out soon, this summer.
Either late this month or August.

InTheLab2533d ago

DLC counted as an exclusive with a port and an unconfirmed f2p title....and a cross gen LBP shoehorned into this year. Hell, you can't even count LBP as it's on multiple platforms.

Yeah I'm looking forward to inFamous dlc but wow this lineup for Sony is pathetic.

2014 PS4 < 2007 PS3 and that's just downright awful.

Thank god for this year's multiplats and early 2015...

The_Hero2533d ago

Unlike 2007, Sony released some established franchises instead of multiple unknown IPs.

Utalkin2me2533d ago

Well they didn't even add LBP3, roflmao....

Patrick_pk442533d ago

It isn't exclusive to the PS4, it is cross-gen.

theDivision2533d ago

There isn't even a western release guaranteed, much less a release date.

G20WLY2532d ago

Some of the trailers released last year for Deep Down had English voices throughout.

I'd say it's coming West, just don't know when.

theDivision2532d ago

The developers have specifically stated they can only guarantee Japan will get a release and have not decided if anyone else will get the game. I don't ASSume anything.

G20WLY2532d ago

If it's as well received as the Japanese press apparently expect, do you really think they won't whack it up on PSN in the West as another PS4 exclusive, when it already has localised vocals?!

C'mon - it's a safe assumption. One that leaves nobody looking like an ass...

theDivision2532d ago

I thought it was until they said they couldn't guarantee it. I want to believe it I just don't want to get my hopes up when weirder things have happened then that.

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MysticStrummer2533d ago

It's a standalone game, not DLC, unless you count all downloadable games as DLC.

Neonridr2533d ago

I didn't realize that it was a standalone game, yeah I guess we can compare it to something like Alan Wake: American Nightmare then.

Spotie2533d ago

Standalone DLC should count as its own game, don't you think?

On that note, I can't seem to recall if you felt the same about the XB1 exclusive list that was posted on here a week or so ago?

As for the complaints about LBP 3 et al, weren't people defending Forza Horizon 2 and Halo as still counting as exclusives?

Do they count for one company and not for others? Is that's why it's okay to slam indies in PS4 while praising Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive?

I'm confused.

Neonridr2533d ago

the Halo collection isn't exclusive? You can get the Halo collection on another platform other than the Xbox One?


kratoz12092533d ago

Deep down will probably release in Japan only thus year, but we are still getting natural docturne, guilty gear xrd and planetside 2

Neonridr2533d ago

There's a bunch of million sellers right there.. :P

Sorry, those games aren't my cup of tea.

But to each their own.

G20WLY2532d ago

^Neon, if you think less than a million PS4 owners will download Planetside 2, you're in for a big surprise...

AndrewLB2532d ago

guilty gear xrd and planetside 2 are not PS4 exclusives. Planetside 2 is a PC game and Guilty Gear XRD is an arcade game as well as on PS3.

itBourne2533d ago

Why would you not count Lbp3? I'm more excited for that then any game this year (massive create mode fan). Standalone dlc, basically means $15 psn game.. f2p don't count?

Do you people only travel when your driver comes and picks you up in your limo. Like why be so stuck up. If a game is good I don't care how the hell it comes to me, I'll play the damn thing.

2533d ago
corvusmd2533d ago

True, I'm glad I have a PS4 in the long run, but the rest of 2014 is pretty dead of excitement for PS4. IMO they would have been better not doing this list at all, it almost has the opposite effect of it's intention. This is probably the same reason Sony themselves are pushing a multiplat game with extra DLC the hardest out of all their games left this year. Realistically, I'll probably keep my PS4 in it's box till Feb, then bust it back out for Order. Till then all the heavy lifting will be on X1 and Wii U. There just simply isn't anything exciting to me on PS4 for a while, Order, Bloodbourne, No Man's Sky and Uncharted 4 are the closest thing to of those isn't even technically exclusive, and two of them I'm excited for, but if I didn't have a PS4 I wouldn't miss them at all.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA2533d ago

Looking rough for exclusives. I guess LBP 3 could've been on this list too. Out of the ones listed though I'm leaning towards the game I've already played on the PS3.

XxDefiance42xX2533d ago

I wish they would sneak some stealth exclusive releases in there just to help this year. There are a lot of smaller title releases that are to come that I am excited for.

Software_Lover2533d ago

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since the consoles have released. It isn't as exciting as it was last gen.

B_Real2533d ago

To be fair, it takes a while for new consoles to make the transition, so the first year is always slow. But Sony's list of fall exclusives is a little weaker than you would expect, I expected at least one game on the level of infamous or so.

Football-Soccer2533d ago

Gears, cod 2 and resistance beg to differ... This gen has been mediocre at best.

B_Real2533d ago

Not a compelling argument. That is three games spread across 2 systems. There are more than 3 compelling exclusives spread across the PS4 and Xbox One at the moment, not to mention by the year's end.

AndrewLB2532d ago

There is a wiki page for PS3 games with release dates and by this time into that product cycle, PS3 had FAR more games.

bleedsoe9mm2533d ago

a free ps+ game , dlc , a remaster and a F2P game , who wrote this ms , its bleak but not quite that bleak

Brettman20082533d ago

Drive Club has a cut down PS plus version only.

DigitalRaptor2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

WTF is this "free PS+ game" drivel?

Do people think they are contructing some kind of clever slight when they say that, or do they simply not realise DRIVECLUB is getting a full retail release alongside the stripped down PS+ edition?


Also I don't know how people can consider F2P as a detrimental category as far as PLANETSIDE 2 is concerned. It's already established as an excellent large-scale MMOFPS, and far larger and more ambitious than any FPS currently on any next-gen console.

kratoz12092533d ago

There should be at least 5 more titles on the list

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