SEGA Networks to Localize Hit Japanese Titles in the West

SEGA Networks and gumi announced a partnership today to distribute SEGA Networks' Japanese games in North America, Europe, South Asia and more territories.

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ValKilmer2540d ago

Awww yeah, we need less Sonic Boom and more Japanese Sega.

Yi-Long2540d ago

I still don't understand why they don't hire a few 'english' guys and use them WHILE the game is in development. So when the japanese text for Shenmue 6 is being put in the game, these guys get those texts and translate them immediately into proper English, and it's 'localized' on the spot and can be put into the game at the same time!

Now they need to do all that stuff afterwards, and that's just a huge hassle and obviously means months of delay for a western release.

Godmars2902540d ago

iPhone. iOS.

Basically, game not likely to appear on the 3DS or PSV much less full consoles.

KillaManiac2540d ago

My god I would be so happy for PSO2.

randomass1712540d ago

Oh thank goodness. Give us some Miku and Shenmue.

2540d ago
ZeroX98762540d ago

Shining Resonance from Sega would be a nice start

2540d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.