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Andy from Twinfinite writes, "You will die, and that's okay. You'll have a blast dying."

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mydyingparadiselost3137d ago

I love this game, I hope a lot of people take notice and check it out, it deserves your money.

TheROsingleB3137d ago

Absolutely. Have been playing it on the 3DS and it's a fantastic little game.

3-4-53137d ago

Watching a gameplay video of it brought me back to the early 90's. Definitely getting this game at some point.

How many levels are there, how long of a game is it ?

mydyingparadiselost3136d ago

I think it's 12 levels with a smattering of side levels, some optional bosses and a couple of towns. It's about a 4-5 hour game, a little longer if you want to find all the hidden goodies, with lots of new content being worked on. From the kickstarter page...
"We hope you are enjoying the main campaign of Shovel Knight! We’ll get cracking on all of exciting content updates soon. Challenge Mode, Playable Knights, Gender Swap, Battle Mode?! These are all on the docket to be released as free updates on all platforms. 3DS is still an exception for receiving the local multiplayer Battle mode -- but we won’t know more until we get to it."
Hope that helps ^_^

t0mmyb0y3137d ago

Awesome retro 2d platformer. Kicks ass

t0mmyb0y3136d ago

Fnckin rights there nukkel nutz

herobyclicking3137d ago

SO needs to be in my queue, alas...

DigitalRaptor3137d ago

Another high-rated indie game.

Must check this one out.