Why I Still Trust Hideo Kojima

GameGrin's Connie Kuroi writes: "A lot of Metal Gear Solid fans have stated in these past months that they’ve gone off the franchise and the creator Hideo Kojima all together, saying he’s only in it for the money and doesn’t care about fans any more."

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randomass1713128d ago

The man deserves better than Konami forcing him to make MGS games all the time. Let him work on something else for a change. Like a new Snatcher or Zone of the Enders.

Godmars2903128d ago

He had a "chance" to make ZOE3, showed some early production work, then canceled it.

randomass1713128d ago

What I mean is Konami should not lay the pressure so thickly on the man. Before he made MGSV, he could have done another game while the production of MGSV would have continued without him. I think anyone who is anyone knows that a main series MGS game without Kojima's direction is not very promising. I feel as though if they put the series on hold for a couple of years, it would give Kojima a much better sense of creative freedom.

Miss_Vixen3128d ago

Really hoping it will resurface again one day. Despite it's shortcomings, I really enjoyed the ZOE games.

pwnsause_returns3128d ago

konami needs more than just MGS at this point, so they should freely let him create a new IP for a change.

ZombieKiller3127d ago

I don't even know why he needs Konami in the first place. Apart from contracts maybe...

The guy is loaded and could start his own overhead company not to mention I bet someone, whether it be Sony, MS (let's hope not)or anyone else, would pick him up in a heartbeat considering his work, if he left Konami.

Regardless, I've always trusted him. Even after everyone else bitched about GZ and the price. I got the most expensive version and don't regret it one bit. I support his work and his quality of game so throwing a long forgotten $40 at it wasn't a big deal. Disagrees or not -In Kojima I trust and will continue to.

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Godmars2903128d ago

"I think anyone who is anyone knows that a main series MGS game without Kojima's direction is not very promising."

And then there's the example of Revengence; a project which Kojima laid out, set expectations, then had the team had had picked humiliate themselves when they couldn't see the original version through. He didn't take over the project, but handed it over to Platinum who likewise did not deliver what the original game was suppose to be.

That says a lot about the man as well.

randomass1713128d ago

Revengeance is a very special scenario though. An action slash-em-up that doesn't have a great deal of story when compared to previous Metal Gear games is outside of Kojima's comfort zone. That game feels more like a spinoff than a mainline MGS game, one I personally that despite its difference still fits in with Metal Gear considering how crazy it is and how much better it made Raiden as an action hero.

Yui_Suzumiya3128d ago

Been waiting for a Snatcher sequel since 1995!!

vSnAkE3127d ago

He wasn't pressured into making MGSV. He wanted to do it to show off the Fox Engine. He has said many times that this is the game that he has always wanted to make. It was because he was interested in the technology not because he was forced to.

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SuperBlunt3128d ago

The creator of the pinnacle franchise in gaming. Some people hate it, others like myself would not want to see a life without experiencing it. Says alot about how powerful it is. But what do I know im just a fanboy

LightDiego3128d ago

I'm disappointed with Ground Zeroes price and content, but still Kojima is one of the best developers of games, Metal Gear is awesome in every aspect, i have no doubt that MGS V will be a classic, just like the whole series.
Sound like a fanboy? Whatever, we are talking about Kojima.

Yui_Suzumiya3128d ago

My only complaint is MGS going open world. I always saw this as more of a cinematic spectacle that was story driven. Making it open world kinda goes against everything that made it great. I will still buy and enjoy it despite my indifference towards the new direction it's taking.

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