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One of the most important things to master in mixed martial arts is creating openings. Usually this is done by feinting a strike towards, say, the body, when really you’re going to kick them in the face. Their guard drops and smack. The ancient art of misdirection.

With this in mind, it’s funny how EA spent so much time pre-release showing off a reanimated Bruce Lee, compared to how much time they spent highlighting the undwhelming ground game. You’ll be disappointed if you did buy EA UFC for Bruce Lee, too, considering he’s DLC, having alread paid around £50 for the game itself.

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jc485733127d ago

Hire the guys that worked on the past UFC games.

WheatBread3127d ago

It has nice graphics, but the overly difficult controls suck the fun out of the game.

TheButtonMasher3127d ago

The difficult controls imitate the complexity of the sport. But I think fighters take WAY too much punishment, and there are several other balancing issues. It's a good foundation for future games, for sure. Tons of room for improvement.