Negativity in The Gaming Community

Most gamers genuinely want a fun, open community and while some strive for balance and a positive atmosphere there are those who bring the negativity. Nick C. of Gamer Assault Weekly takes a look at the negativity in the gaming community.

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VRex73137d ago

I think this goes for any industry - but for one that already carries a reputation we need to band together to prove we are not the stereotypical "gamers" and as a community we are positive, fun, and outgoing.

It also depends on the people you surround yourself with. My group and I love the industry and games, all types on all systems because being a gamer is not being specific to one particular outlet, it's about enjoying the gaming process as a whole. You can have your opinions and enjoy what you want but to bash others for their interests is just wrong. At that point it become less about being a shitty community and one particular person being a shitty person.

nick47613137d ago

I think it's just become the expected thing now. People almost expect to encounter trolls or some amount of negativity when they play a game online or start an MMO toon.

Most of the time when I go into a game lobby or anything like that, I just mute the entire lobby. I have just become used to trolls and BS that I don't even attempt to deal with it.

Edgetroll3136d ago

There's nothing wrong with being critical and pointing out flaws, but that is of course assuming it leads to civil debate and exchange of ideas. Too often do we have a vocal minority that spew nothing but vitriol and quickly drag others down with them.