The Division Is An RPG, Says Massive, Demo At Minimum Level Of Detail

"Massive has designed the game to defy expectations of it being just another shooter or open world game."

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ThatOneRiggaNob2197d ago

Man I want this game so much it's unbelieveable

ramiuk12197d ago

i cant think of any other game i have ever wanted to play as much as this.
i just need some ps friends to play with

gameslayer24112197d ago

Agreed I have no PS friends to play with

Malphite2197d ago

"i cant think of any other game i have ever wanted to play as much as this."

May I ask why? I'm looking foreward to the game myself but your comment sounds like you might be a little overhyped imho.

I can only repeat myself and recommend everyone to set your expectations right. Being overhyped often times leads to a massive disappointment even when the game is actually good.

ScottyHoss2197d ago

Gameslayer and ramiuk add me up: ScottyHoss

Magicite2197d ago

Same here, RPG is the best genre (combined with other genres)

theDivision2197d ago

My most anticipated game ever.

purpleblau2197d ago

This is crazy! Exactly what I want this game to be! This is the first true next gen title that I want to play so badly.

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ThatOneRiggaNob2197d ago

This and The Witcher 3 have me hyped for 2015 big time

JBSleek2197d ago

Couldn't agree more with those two games.

joab7772197d ago

Yep. Though its destiny and dragon age too for me. And I really wish I had a gaming pc for Divinity right now.

The Division is gonna be Ubisoft's mmorpg but from a 3rd person shooter perspective. Thats my guess. Neither will call it that but thats what we will get...and I cant wait.

As far as the graphics go, there is no way in hell it will look like that when its done. No way! But I dont care. Id rather they make sure its a fantastic game with as much detail as possible. Dont get me wrong I would love a world with that much detail and physical response way!

edqe2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Divinity: Original Sin is just plain excellent. No hand holding, quest pointers or other simplifications that RPGs nowadays has.

If you are going to buy PC I would suggest you to check other games as well; Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity.
Not to forget Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, UrW, Galactic Civilizations III, etc.

clockward1002197d ago

Good to hear there giving what they showed . And its at minimum detail daaame

clockward1002197d ago

If thats minimum detail than whats max thats crazy

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