Sniper Elite 3 Visual Analysis: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC, PS3 vs Xbox 360

Behold, The new-gen anatomy! Blood, bones, lungs, and all.

Another day, another game, another article to pit the consoles against each other to see who triumphs over whom. Sniper Elite 3, the successor to Sniper Elite V2 was released on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and the PC not a handful of days back, and already the the community is abuzz with who takes the crown of superiority. Might as well that; I’ll play along.
As usual, we’ll start the discourse with the new generation of consoles first. Both, the X1 and the PS4 have been vying to scramble over each other to bask in glory and the majority of times, it’s the X1 that is left behind; but only ever so marginally.

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Nine_Thousaaandd3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Screen tearing seems quite common on Xbox One games. Lack of color on PS4 and both having inconsistent frame rates...40-60 not to bad I guess.

PC is the clear winner of course, but don't get to excited...as PC version of Sniper Elite 3 suffers from major pop-in issues, something that is easily noticeable when using your binoculars or your sniper’s scope. Not only that, but the shadows from the trees feel kind of low-res and messy too, and there are also some shadow flickers on distant objects.

This game requires heavy use of GPU...CPU requirement is very low to my understanding, and if that's the case...they could have squeezed more out of the PS4 over the Xbox One...simply because the PS4 has way more GPU resources.

If I decide to play this game, I'm going PC for sure!

vishmarx3436d ago

the ps3 version looks great to me.
because i can only play 1 console at a time and still have fun.
this game isnt set out to set new graphical standards,
its bout fun sniping,
i you like it play it on the platform you have.
problem solved

poor_cus_of_games3436d ago

I wouldn't say lack of colour on the ps4 version. Go to display setting on the ps4 and change the rgb settings to full. Huge difference.

Nine_Thousaaandd3436d ago

Thanks for correcting me on the "lack of color" on PS4.

Found a thread about RGB settings with PS4 on Reddit

tee_bag2423436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Im playing on PC...can't say I've noticed any pop in yet. Game has nice graphics but pretty much the same graphics as V2 on PC anyway.

AngelicIceDiamond3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

"Screen tearing seems quite common on Xbox One games."

Lol no its not. But there is clear screen tearing in this particular game yes.

"Lack of color on PS4 and both having inconsistent frame rates...40-60 not to bad I guess."

There's no "lack of color" on PS4. Its just the color saturating is a bit higher on X1. You can adjust the RGB color to match its no big deal.

The frames slightly hold better on X1 but the screen tearing makes it pointless.

There is a 16 gig update to hopefully address the screen tearing.

That's all from the article. If for whatever reason you or anyone else doesn't believe me then read the article its all there.

Nine_Thousaaandd3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

"Lol no its not. But there is clear screen tearing in this particular game yes."

1. Titanfall- http://techreport.com/news/...
2. Snipe Elite 3- http://gamingbolt.com/snipe...
3. Ryse- http://gearnuke.com/new-rys... can't find any info if this was corrected before release.
4. Watch Dogs- http://www.cinemablend.com/...
Just to name a few.

As of now...Xbox One has more games with screen tearing. This is probably due to poor optimization or more likely they are pushing the GPUs pretty hard causing more tear on Xbox One. A lot more often the Xbox One games dip in frame rate and if their GPU is under more pressure, it will cause video output to not be in sync. And upscaling to 1080p may have some part in that as well depending on certain monitor's. I'm starting to think also, that devs may have tried V-Sync on and it may have caused more frame dipping and input lag...be nice if they would give us the option to turn it on and off.

Titanfall for example, massive frame dips and upscaling may be the cause for screen tearing. It pushes the Xbox One's GPU pretty hard!
Not saying PS4 is screen tear free, they have screen tearing as well, but very little across their games.

"There's no "lack of color" on PS4. Its just the color saturating is a bit higher on X1. You can adjust the RGB color to match its no big deal."

I already thanked "poor_cus_of_games" for correcting me on that one, I found a thread on reddit explaining how to correct the RGB settings on PS4.

Beastforlifenoob3435d ago

Oh really 'Lol no its not. But there is clear screen tearing in this particular game yes. '

1.- http://www.cinemablend.com/...

2.- http://www.gamefaqs.com/boa...

3.- http://www.cinemablend.com/...

4.- http://n4g.com/news/1376493...

'There is a 16 gig update to hopefully address the screen tearing. ' YEAH yeah suuuure it will fix it (oh and it being 16gb is OBVIOUSLY a sign of how legit it is!)

AngelicIceDiamond3435d ago

Thanks for providing facts.

I appreciate it.

k3rn3ll3435d ago

I agree with most of the article... but watching some videos online showed alot of screen tearing on PC as well so I dont think its just xbox. Total Biscuit has a grade A setup and he found alot of tearing in his experience too. His video is on his youtube if u want to check it out. He also had alot of pop in.

Either way the 2 have never really diminished my experience. And frankly most console games I have played on either lately have both suffered from it. Hell I've been used to screen tearing for 20 years now lol

tee_bag2423435d ago

PC games never have screen tearing if vsync is turned on. Its as easy as that. I haven't checked out Total Biscuits review as he knows what he's doing. Probably he prefers vsync off. I have this game as there is 0 tearing to speak of.

kamakaz3md3435d ago

I have a ps4, but recently been playing pc games... PC imo is not better then ps4 and xbox one. Systems are better because the pc suffers with the dumbest issues.

Razputin3435d ago

The Sniper Elite games have always been graphically amazing and fun, but with this latest title it has gotten extremely linear.

Sniper Elite 1 was just horribly amazing how open the world was. You really had to be a sniper, it was extremely frustrating.

With V2 they toned it down substantially and now with this one, it looks amazing on maxed out settings and downsampling, but it sucks is so closed in.

Rebellion sadly, from the sound of it, didn't do that good of a job on consoles. I know the new consoles can hold their own next to PC, which is great.

christrules00413435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

The CPU handles everything that doesn't have to do with graphics. Enemy spawn points, music ques, tracking enemies, UI, tracks how many bullets you have, triggering a death animation or tells your gpu to do which kill cam when you get that perfect headshot.

Some games like Watch Dogs which has a lot of AI around all the time can be demanding on the CPU. Real time strategy is where the really CPU demanding games are at though. R.U.S.E is a perfect example as it had the cap on how many units players could have on console because of the CPU limitations.

Sniper Elite 3 doesn't have much for the CPU to do really.

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imt5583436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )


Lack of color on PS4.

Adjust contrast on TV. But i think that colors on PS4 version are just fine. Xbone in some games has problems with oversaturated contrast or 'black crush'.

vishmarx3436d ago

this ,and its quite well known by now
also those having color issues try turning on Full range rgb on Ps4.

snookiegamer3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Comparisons for a game that plays like it's stuck in gen7 seems redundant IMO. It's not that SE3 is a bad game. But, if you played the other games in the series, this game isn't doing anything fresh on current gen.

True, the same could be said about many other games, but the topic is Sniper Elite 3. Predicatably, now sit back and wait for the 'Mines better than yours' comments.

Incoming ;/

MRMagoo1233435d ago

comparing a mutliplat game is the only way to do it, also if this game looks last gen why is the xbone having a hard time running it at the rez and fps they set? you cant say it isnt because thats exactly what screen tearing means.

k3rn3ll3435d ago

But its running at a higher fps then the ps4 from what article says. And most of the stuff he states about xbox occurs on pc ultra rigs as well from the reviews I've seen

isa_scout3436d ago

Who cares what it looks better on it still looks like a last generation game. I bought it on my PS4( digital download) and it's an unplayable mess right now.... Gotta say I'm pretty tired of paying developers to be a beta tester. Wish I could trade it in, but that is the problem with buying games digitally. In all the time it's been out I've only managed to play maybe 3 or 4 online matches. To anyone remotely interested in this game, wait a month maybe by then they'll release a patch to fix the dozen or so issues.

morganfell3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

There are some issues but what is unplayable? I am a third of the way in on PS4 and haven't encountered any show stoppers. It isn't a great game, a little below average and not a next gen title, but not an unplayable mess.

isa_scout3436d ago

I'm glad you haven't had any issues, but I've had several... Had to restart the campaign 3 times because of a bug that wouldn't let me open the radial menu to use mines or my silenced pistol. The cop-op and MP (the sole reason I bought the game) is a mess right now. In fact if you hit the down button where you like and rate the game on your PS4 there will be a box that actually takes you to the SE3 we page where they say they're working on the issues and they'll keep us updated on the situation. That was 4 days ago that they posted that page, and still hey haven't kept us in the loop on a possible time frame for the game to be patched.

morganfell3436d ago

Sorry you have had issues. I haven't but then again I have just stuck to the SP. I love coop more than standard MP but most of my friends did not pick up the game so I haven't messed with that aspect. Hope they get it fixed for you.

SPARTAN33436d ago

Some of the trophies are glitched and the different in game counters don't even match up.

zsquaresoff3436d ago

Love sniper elite 3 but the game doesn't look next gen at all. Could've easily played it on a ps3 without any problems.

It's just massive in environment but lacking in details and complex architecture.