Best Games of 2014 So Far

Too often, titles released earlier in the year get forgotten when the new shinies come out, but we’ll be here making sure you remember all the great games that arrived throughout 2014 with this continually updating list of the top games of year (so far).

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Geobros3135d ago

I didn't like so much this list. Its missing Shovel Knight and Guacamelee!

zeuanimals3135d ago

Guacamelee came out last year, though. I guess the new one adds a lot of content, but still.

cemelc3135d ago

I really want infamous, transistor and south park but i have such a big backlog of games that getting them would be such a waste of money T_T.

medman3135d ago

You need to get busy gaming, because all the games you listed that you want are stellar and you are definitely missing out.

Spurg3135d ago

Dark soul 2 too low on the list

DigitalRaptor3135d ago

This is a damn good list simply due to the fact it's not stuffed with dudebro categories, but genuinely great games across all platforms.

I would exchange a few of them, but I like this selection.

seraphym883135d ago

idk....too many indies imo....i think its stretching to far

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